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Cindy Archer, a long-time civil servant, who worked under Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, both at the Milwaukee County level and State level, has filed a civil rights lawsuit against Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm for his leading role in the secretive “John Doe” investigations.

Archer’s home was raided at dawn on September 14th, 2011, as part Chisholm’s wide spanning investigation into Scott Walker and many of his allies.

Archer penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday detailing the event, something she could not do during the investigation, after Chisholm’s clan informed her that she was being placed under a “gag order,” and, that uttering a word about the investigation would land her jail.

Archer writes:

Nothing could have prepared me for waking up to the shouts of men with battering rams announcing that they were about to break down my door on that morning in 2011. It was so unexpected and frightening that I ran down from my bedroom without clothes on.

Panicked by the threatened show of force, I was then humiliated as officers outside the window yelled at me to get dressed and open up. I quickly retrieved clothing and dressed as I unlocked the door.

Agents with weapons drawn swarmed through every part of the house. They barged into the bathroom where my partner was showering. I was told to shut up and sit down. The officers rummaged through drawers, cabinets and closets. Their aggressive assault on my home seemed more appropriate for a dangerous criminal, not a longtime public servant with no criminal history.

After they left, I surveyed the damage. Drawers and closets had been ransacked. My deceased mother’s belongings were strewn across the floor. Neighbors gathered in small clusters at the end of their driveways and the press arrived in force.

Sworn testimony from former Milwaukee Police Officer and lawyer Michael Lutz, who worked in Chisholm’s office, reveals that Chisholm’s actions were politically motivated.

Mr. Chisholm allowed his deputies, as many as 70 of whom signed a petition to recall the governor, to post pro-union “blue fists” on their office walls and attend anti-Walker rallies during office hours. As Mr. Lutz testified, the Milwaukee County district attorney made it his “duty” to “stop Governor Walker” from succeeding with Act 10.

In addition to these egregious acts, what is also troubling, was Scott Walker’s way of handling of the situation.

Four weeks prior to the raid on her home, Archer was suddenly demoted from her position as Deputy Director of Administration to the governor, a move which came as a complete shock to her, after having a “close” relationship with the governor for several years.

The demotion came without explanation, however an interview filmed prior to the raid indicated Walker was well aware that Archer was going to be dragged into the John Doe investigations.

It became clear to Archer, after the raid, the demotion was “engineered by the governor’s team,” A move that highlights Walker’s reluctance to stand strong against the unconventional political warfare used against anyone that was connected to him during the passing of state budget reforms known as Act 10.

Those reforms led to the massive international-union protests, their hijacking of the State Capitol and the subsequent raids and interrogations into Archer, as well as with many others.

Archer, who was never charged with a crime, was forced to sell her home of 30 years in Madison, and hasn’t heard from the governor, following the harassment and vandalism, that came as a result of Chisholm’s rampage and alleged illegal leaks to the press about details of the investigations.

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  1. Tom Simpson

    Walker is a pimp for Wall St. His union busting is nothing more than attempted robbery of wages and benefits of dedicated workers who have built Wisconsin into the state it is today. Wall St pirate are behind Walker and other city mayors who spend their time in office looting America not building it. We can no longer tolerate financial interests who corrupt the political system. It’s time to bankrupt the Wall St. banks with Glass-Steagall followed with a credit system to get our nation producing again.

    • cjk

      Yavolt Herr Gobbels and your conspiratorial imagination excuses the gross violation of citizens rights, especially if they are Republican, right, you piece of stinking sh!t?


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