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Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, the media have bent over backwards to destroy him. It’s not just the New York Times and CNN, but outlets like William F. Buckley’s National Review, the Wall Street Journal, and other “mainstream” outlets of the right.

To these media outlets’ consternation, despite their crazed efforts to demean, discredit, and deny the appetite among Americans for Trump’s message, more and more people are coming out to hear and support the one candidate who appears to have listened to them–and is leading the charge as opposed to opining from behind the RNC’s skirts.

National Review, a self-described “conservative” opinion magazine, is leading a different charge: the belittling of conservatives at every turn, in every way, no blow too low in their quest to show their elite and superior understanding of the truth. The National Review’s commentary coverage of the Trump candidacy not only reveals a deep contempt of Donald Trump the man, but also, even more telling, a disgust for the unwashed masses and their ill-informed “whining.”

“Whiners” and “stupid,” are two terms National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson chose to describe these conservatives in his op-ed, “WHINOS: On the Martyrdom of the Holy, Holy Base.” While the goal of Williamson’s piece is somewhat elusive — was it to shame us, demonstrate his superiority, release some hold-over anti-Tea-Party residual pettiness — it certainly couldn’t have been to convince us, with all that name-calling (what is William F. Buckley thinking about his use of the pulpit to name-call, one wonders)…

Regardless, according to Williamson, if you are someone considering supporting Donald Trump for president, the only description for you is “Whino”:

The WHINO is a captive of the populist Right’s master narrative, which is the tragic tale of the holy, holy base, the victory of which would be entirely assured if not for the machinations of the perfidious Establishment. Never mind the Democrats, economic realities, Putin, ISIS, the geographical facts of the U.S.-Mexico border — all would be well and all manner of things would be well if not for the behind-the-scenes plotting of Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and their enablers, who apparently can be bribed with small numbers of cocktail weenies. The WHINO is a Republican conspiracy theorist, in whose fervid imaginings all the players — victims, villains — are Republicans.

Barack Obama? Pshaw. The real enemy is Jeb Bush.

You don’t like how the Grand ol’ Party has been operating? You’re not ready to swallow Jeb Bush? You aren’t allowed to be angry, dispirited, or to seek representation from non-anointed candidates. You’re a whiner! Quit whining, you wacko conspiracy theorist, discard your interest in popular thought and allow *us* to tell you how you should really think as we insult your ability to discern your own mind.

Williamson continues:

That this is a deeply stupid view of the world should go without saying, but if you need evidence, consider that the WHINO vote has settled for the moment upon Donald Trump, a Hillary Rodham Clinton donor who supports Canadian-style single-payer health care and amnesty for as many illegal immigrants as he imagines to exist, who has 0.00 percent chance of winning a general election and who is, as if more were needed, a ridiculous buffoon.

While getting his rocks off over and over again, Williamson’s ad-hominem diatribe against the “Whinos” (could it be possible these might more appropriately described as patriotic Americans?) is no different than the left’s predilection to demean rather than talk substance.

We all know that when ad-hominem is the rhetorical device of choice, it means other arguments may be lacking…

So Williamson couches his contempt for Americans’ genuine feeling, anger, disillusionment, and fatigue, within a meandering laundry list of conservatives’ faults: desire to have a candidate that represents them (whiners!), frustration with the GOP for giving in (whiners!), support for a candidate who used to support Democrats (whiners! stupid!), and support for a candidate that couldn’t possibly win (stupid!).

While on its surface it appears to be a smack down over their support of Donald Trump, in reality it is a smack down of the people and their deviance from top-down instructions.


At the time of writing this post, NRO’s homepage features four attack ads, sorry, op-eds against Donald Trump. All four of them have as their centerpiece a riff on the so-called idiocy of the people supporting him.

Intellectually better-than-you writer Jonah Goldberg borrows talking points from the left when he refers to conservatives as an angry mob in his National Review piece, “Donald Trump Fans: It’s Time for an Intervention” (emphasis added):

The base of the party is angry. They’re angry about Obama’s lawless chicanery on immigration. They’re angry about the GOP’s patented inability to cross the street without stepping on its own d*ck and then having to apologize for it. They’re angry that the Left’s culture warriors are behaving like an invading army that shoots the survivors even after they’ve surrendered. They’re angry that Republicans have to bend over backward so as not to offend anyone, while Democrats have free rein (and at times free reign) to do and to say as they please.

I marvel at how they can simultaneously despise Obama’s arrogance but revel in Trump’s. (I chuckle at all of the people who tell me he’s a heroic truth-teller for “telling it like it is” and “calling it as he sees it” but who at the same time fume at me when I tell it like it is about Trump and call it as I see it.) But most grating of all are the people who sincerely think he should be the Republican nominee for president of the United States. On this, I’m afraid we’re going to have to disrespectfully disagree.

Trump supporters need an intervention. I want to sit them down at the kitchen table, reach into a manila envelope, and pull out the proof that he’s a fraud.

Isn’t it nice of Goldberg to look out for the people like that? By “disrespectfully” disagreeing?

And disrespectfully disagreeing, the National Review is. By slamming conservatives looking for an alternative to the status quo, by implying their minds are nothing more than tiny pea brains hypnotized by the “populist” rhetoric spewed from whom they deem as a fraud candidate’s mouth, the National Review has shown its hand: they can’t stand an argument.

Truly, when did genuine anger become “whining,” and what are they offering us as an alternative? In fact, what are they doing over there at National Review other than reinforcing the moat they are building from their Manhattan perch against the people?

Andrew Marcus, director of the motion picture Hating Breitbart, put it best in a conversation earlier this morning:

If Republicans had come together after the election instead of the establishment shiving the grassroots at every turn, the party would be so strong Trump would be promoting his latest season of Apprentice right now instead of handing them their asses.

In essence Trump is one massive Tea Party and the establishment will treat him exactly like they treated the Tea Party.

He represents a disruption to their monopoly on the system and the Republican Party. That will not do.

Perhaps if National Review followed Donald Trump’s model of advocating what the people advocate, apologizing for nothing and not backing down to the thought police, rather than singing the GOP elitists’ songs, more people would’ve bought their magazine and they wouldn’t have been forced into 501c3 tax-exempt status to stay in “business.”

If they are so sure Trump will “implode,” and the people will abandon his short run of glory, why are the media and National Review so worried?

Because they aren’t worried about Donald Trump at all, they are worried about who likes him. And if those who like him do move on to someone else, National Review and their friends will demand compliance with the “Buckley Rule” by levying the same attacks at that candidate, and those people just the same, until at the very end of the process, the one big fat RINO they deem as “the best candidate that can win” will be left standing. (Not necessarily Chris Christie, but a RINO no doubt.)





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  1. Jesse Ybarra

    Rebel Pundit is correct on this, the establishment on both sides won’t come to grips that Donald is speaking truths on this particular subject. Truths that WE THE PEOPLE agree with. WAKE UP AMERICA ! TED CRUZ 2016.


  2. Ireland-Erin Spear

    I don’t feel Trump is about anything but himself, and he has flip flopped politically many time’s, but with that being said, I respect his honesty about issues that have been ignored as being too politically correct to even make a peep about.

  3. Daniel Bowers

    If the right had a candidate that would speak the truth like trump, they this wouldn’t be an issue. Out of 15 options, only 2 maybe 3 are talking about illegal immigration like it needs to be talked about.

    We have thousands of Americans being killed every year because no one in Washington respects their oath of office. They are cowards watching Americans be slaughtered.

    The more trump speaks about it the more it points out, on both sides, that this administration, this president, and the Republican Party would rather have your father, mother, child, wife, husband killed by an illegal then possibly lose a vote.

    Of course no magazine, candidate, news outlet, wants to be included in playing a rolls in these deaths.

    Rather then say, he is right, let’s fix this, they are trying to destroy anyone that agrees with him.

  4. Berzrkr50

    The RNC can kiss my posterior… Twice on Tuesday! They’ve gotten so whimpy over the years that I’m of the opinion that they should change their name to the Mincer Party… All it takes is one little snarl from the left and they’re ready to fold their tent and commence to bowing and scraping…

  5. Tommy Holly

    It’s irresponsible for them to attack Trump supporters instead of issues that Trump supports.

    Things like Single Payer Healthcare that is so far left, even Obama couldn’t pass and Keynesian left wing 25% tariffs (taxes) are enough for most people to no consider him a legitimate candidate.

  6. Michael Burger

    Thousands? In Texas, the undocumented immigrant murder capital of the world, less than 250 a year are charged with murder. Ignoring the fact that most of those murders are of other illegal immigrants, we still wouldn’t come to “thousands”.

    But, seriously, let’s get worked all up over a crime that is the equivalent of driving your car on an expired vehicle registration. I’d really like to know why immigration needs to be talked about in hyperbolic, racist terms in Daniel’s mind. Why can’t we talk about it in the terms of reality, that we have a complicated system which serves neither the immigrants nor the rest of the population well. If crossing the border legally were easy to understand and easy to achieve we’d know the only people crossing outside the law were here to cause harm, versus coming to escape gang wars or narco wars in their home countries.

    • Josh Smith

      He never said all illegals are rapists. He even said specifically there are good hard working illegals. Hes just speaking the facts, illegal immigration is a HUGE prob in america and Mexico has FUCKED us for years taking advantage… they should pay for our wall. The media is just trying to make it out to seem like he said ALL MEXICANS ARE RAPISTS .. which he never said. Think for yourself and stop letting ur brain be controlled

    • Phillip Bell

      He said Mexico is sending rapist and murders. It’s not even the immigration comments that’s going to kill Trump. It is the Republican party that is pissing on him. I just want to know how in the fuck you gone run a country when your ass has filled bankruptcy more than twice?

    • Fergus

      Exactly what has Trump said that was racist? People who engage in magical thinking such as you have demonstrated gave us the Obama era. Thanks for demonstrating your intelligence, education and integrity.

    • Kelly Howell

      Phillip, he made more money filling bankruptcy than you’ll make in your entire life. Does it still sound like he’s an idiot?!?! Lol! Your only as smart as the research you’ve done. Says a lot about you, Sir.

    • mike191

      Dear Victor, your post has convinced me that Mr. Trump will garner my vote in 2016.

  7. Joe Visconti

    Trump on the Stump, there’s no one that can touch him. He’s street smart and will demolish Bush like an old building he’s tearing down to build skyscrapers, look out NATIONAL REVIEW AND FAKE FOX

  8. Aarradin

    Spot on.

    Read Williamson’s piece. Its an absolute disgrace.

    Used to read NRO regularly. That ended with their hit piece against Newt Gingrinch – with that abominable cover “art”.

    Now that the “Campaign Spot” blog is shut down, the only thing over there worth reading (and it is well worth your time) is their “Bench Memos” blog.

    By far their worst contributor is Ramesh Punnuru (spelling?) and his band of “reform conservatives” – trying to convince R’s that what we should be doing is accepting the D’s massive expansions of government power, but tweaking them around the edges so that they work so trivially “better”.

    What a farce.

    He should just drop the charade and join the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat Party. He’ll fit right in over there.

    Williamson’s had a good run with some great articles focused on issues, but like the rest of the moderates at NRO, when it comes to primary season he couldn’t possibly be worse.

    Speaking of which – Ann Coulter and Dr Krauthammer have the same problem. George Will too. In any primary, you can count on them all to support the most Democrat-like of the R candidates.

    Pretty much all you need to know to understand how they really think.

    Thanks for the most moderate candidates being nominated for sacrificial lamb: Romney, McCain, Bob Dole.

    Here’s what they’ll never understand: Trump, who most of us thought would be a bit of a joke, has surged to the lead in the polls, become a national phenomenon, and changed the terms of the debate on immigration (hopefully permanently) has drawn support because 1) He stands for something. OMG, the HORROR! He has actually taken a firm position on the number one issue facing the country – which not one of the other R candidates has. 2) He’s a fighter. Attacked by the R establishment (et tu Brute?) as well as by the D’s and their media allies he hasn’t gone all Christie and apologized (Christie has apologized now, by his own count, 15 times for Trump’s “remarks” on the criminals invading the US from Mexico and Central America). No. He’s doubled down. Quadrupled down, stating the plain truth. And, he’s absolutely correct. Anyone can prove it. We’ve all lived it, personally, and know to our core that he’s correct.

    He’ll still probably not be the candidate, but he’s having a tremendously beneficial effect nonetheless and ought to be applauded. The single best way for any R to win office right now is to take a firm stance in opposition to illegal aliens. R’s support this by nearly 90%, independents by 2-1 margins and D’s with a majority (or at least a plurality). Just ask FORMER House Minority Leader Eric Cantor. He’s making it possible to actually debate the illegal immigration issue – in fact he’s made it impossible NOT to debate it.

  9. Kauf Buch

    A copy of NR on the newsstand: $4
    GOP Buying off the Mississippi Cochran election: $4 million
    Trump making the GOP Establishment poop in its pants: PRICELESS

  10. Horace Veitch

    Hey, Donald Trump. If you just make an effort to change your hair style, the Mexican Drug Lords won’t recognize you . Therefore you won’t have to spend any of your hard earned money to be in the witness protection program.

  11. Chet Evors

    Well, like I said, leave it to the Media, they made everyone think the Obama family was the best and now tearing down Donald down every chance they get. Evidently we listened to the Media and elected this un american president 2 times. So are you going to listen to there bull again? Trump like all people donate their money too most all candidates, it is a write off and who knows what they might get out of it. Here is a man spending his own money, losing billions as he stated, just because he knows America needs a man like him to get our America back. I only pray he works on our debt and our environmental problems for as I always told our so called reps. we need to change to hydrogen. The largest commodity on earth and replenishes itself.

    • Chet Evors

      He wasn’t ready to really be committed is all. But from what I heard him say was he ready now and gave up a lot of money and some friends so it seems. And getting is financial statement ready as we speak.

  12. Carla Huckaby

    I don’t pay Trump loud mouth no attention along with the other conservatives running I turned and watch classic Scoobie Doo cartoons! The media is building this fool up!

  13. The Exile

    Williamson’s caricature of real Conservatives is absolutely no different than that of the Liberals, and for the same reason: He and all of the other elitists in the GOP establishment don’t actually KNOW any real Conservatives. They live in their little bubble and never deign to rub elbows with anyone outside of said bubble.

  14. David Ermutlu

    Show me ANY candidate that just says it, rather than talking in catch 22 noncommittal double talk that means nothing.
    That’s why people like Trump. That’s why the political machine hates him.

  15. George Bliar

    Hey JoeVisconti, Better learn more about Trump, he doesn’t build those buildings, He sell his name and many have failed, One in Fort Ladurdale was fronted by a crook that went to prison before it was finished, If Trump is so smart why wouldn’t he check the man out before he let him use his name? Also there was a high rise here in Tampa that he had to remove his name. He filed bankruptcy on his caniso in Atlantic City, If you can’t make it with a gambling joint you may not be as smart as you think.

    • Sherry Doro

      Yes Mr. Evors, “his” own money. Let’s not forget all the backs of the people he stepped on & displaced with all those bankruptcies. Yes he knows how to use the financial industry to his, and only his, favor. You don’t have the same “restructuring” benefits if you bankrupt a country.

  16. Keith Chadwell

    EVERYBODY PLEASE SHARE MY POST. LETS SPREAD THIS ACROSS THE COUNTRY. This is my opinion and yes everybody has one. No matter if your a Democrat or Republican you should not base your political vote because of that. The American people need to wake up and realize that this country is doomed unless we can get somebody in the office who is not scared, and this would be Trump. Let me tell you why. He doesn’t need any body’s political fundings like all the rest do. He won’t be any body’s puppet because he took their money, instead he can do whatever the hell he wants without worrying about oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, and so on. This is why all the Democrats and Republicans fear this man. This is because they no if he takes office their jobs will be gone. Look at both sides right now they are sticking together regardless weather they are Democrat or Republican because they know their gonna get that 5 million dollar paycheck if they all stick together. They are not in office to protect the American people nor America. And they owe whoever gave them the money to put them in that position and will do whatever they are told to do by a third party. WAKE UP AMERICA AND LET’S STAND BEHIND DONALD TRUMP AND TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. Start watching his live interviews instead of what is wrote on a piece of paper. The liberals are gonna lie to persuade the American people. Just like the gun and 2nd amendment issue. People has read that he’s against it. Watch the live interviews on this subject and you will clearly see this man is for guns, for the 2nd amendment, and owns and shoots guns. Along with all his kids being avid hunters and shooter. He says he will protect the 2nd amendment no matter what. So don’t read a bunch of crap watch his interviews to get the real truth. Everybody needs to share this post and wake the American people up and let’s take back our country.

  17. Erik Ramirez

    Americans talking about mexcians like we’re the bad ones. Lets not forget that there’s a bad Apple in every race. You wanna talk about how immigrants come over here and ruin the country well what about who’s land this was before any immigrants set foot on it. This land belonged to the natives that were living here in peace before the whites took it over in violence. Raping native woman and bringing Africans over seas to work as slaves. If everybody is so unhappy with what goes on in the USA with immigrants, just remember that this land of USA never belonged to the whites and it never will but u wanted to claim it so bad they killed natives by the thousands. So trump called out the immigrants that are here causing trouble, well what about the legal people here causing crimes and deaths along with rapes. There’s a lot of whites in prison and popping up in the news due to raping and murders. If you’re so unhappy with what you see in America, how about u follow your family roots and go back over seas wherever they came from and see how much better it is there because wether u like it or not, ur not from here. U might have been born here but no one besides natives and Hispanics can claimtheyre from here becaue a major portion of USA was mexico. Don’t talk down on the Hispanic race for doing what u (the white race) have been doing for years. This country was never tours and it never will be to be honest. I don’t support any immigrants that come here illegally and cause trouble for this country. Do I think they deserve to die, no because then that would mean every white man deserves the same for doing it first years ago.

    • Chet Evors

      If you pay attention he did re phrase that remark so as we could all understand what he meant it is that most illegals do cause the problems we face. Our vets need care and not getting, that 113 billion a year we spend on just keeping the illegals here could help them. They should come first.

    • Erik Ramirez

      Not in a bad way but the vets aren’t my problem. The older generation made mistakes that this messed up generation are currently paying for and not all immigrants are bad nor are they Mexican. Not all Mexican immigrants are asking for help from the government. Unlike some people that aren’t immigrants but legal Americans sitting at home collecting welfare checks or expecting a pay out from the government because they went to war. My grandfather is a marine veteran and he could care less about his checks from the government he’s supposed to get because he’s a hard worker and built a career to maintain a steady life for him and the family. He is now happily retired. I respect the veterans but not ifntheyre at home complaining about money they’re not getting.

  18. James Arnold Jr.

    I’m really confused how Fox News is lumped up with the liberal media .. If anything they CONSTANTLY have both points of view in every segment..

  19. Matt Rebstock

    Mr. Trump when you kill the Iran deal can you take those billions that Obama is giving Iran and help with therapy for autistic children? This would make millions of families extremely happy ! Let’s address the autism problem in this country please. All parents of autistic children will cross party lines in favor of you, guaranteed !

  20. Melinda Bilby

    Bullshit. Those of us who support Trump are not stupid. All the name calling is a childish response from those who fear that he will become president and stop all the greed with foreign trade they profit off of. Thwy better get ready because we the silent majority and Mr Trump are about to take over this thing and Make America Great Again like he says

    • Melinda Bilby

      Hes not as deep in bed with em as the leaders we have now. There is always going to be trade with China like it or not. They are a good ally. After all rhey are the worlds largest country. He would be an idiot not to have a good relationship with them

  21. Ursurla Barnes

    Never have I seen media and companies trying so hard to take down a man …who is telling the truth !! 100% with Donald Trump !!!

  22. Donald Coghlan

    Go Trump ! He is the man the liberals are afraid of and the Dems and Repubs are against him cuz he won’t play 1 for you 2 for me politics with them !

  23. Rose Brocato Basco

    So basically the National Review is saying the Republicans are going to trade one a** for another. Well, at least he will be the a** of our choice! Get over yourself, National Review!

  24. Harvey Jerome

    It don’t realy matter what the press says about Trump we the voters have a great chance to turn this country around and we the voters will not be lied to anymore by anyone! We will take matters into our owne hands! We are smarter than given credit for. Go get em Donald!

  25. Astor Hatton

    With 18 percent of the GOP for him and 18or19 running I guess that’s impressive. If it were a horse race they would list him as ..also ran!!! By splitting the party the Democrats win…wake up!!

  26. Janet Crockett-Jones

    Trump has woken the sleeping majority who gave up after Nov elections thru us under the bus. No more career politicians. We want business, opportunity to make money and choices.


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