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    Waiting in the wings:
    How do we know that the candidates that are running for President of the United States are the ones that should be President? How do we know that there is not one special individual that is waiting in the wings, waiting to come forward to be the next President?

    Think About This:
    When GOD chose David to be King he was nothing more than a shepherd boy. He was not a Millionaire or a Billionaire, or a Rhodes or Fabian Scholar but just a man. It will take a man who knows the needs of the people one with common sense and not one who was a previous office holder. Maybe the next President of the United States will be just a man. It will take a just man one who is chosen by GOD to defend the rights of the people and their Nation. One who when he speaks the words will flow from his lips as does honey from a hive.

    I’m not David, but I believe what we really need is someone like David to lead the Nation again from our present situation. If our present Congressmen, Senators, and Governors had been doing their job we would not be in the predicament that we are in now. They’ve sold their souls and the country’s with them. I know that if old Andy Jackson was around today most of them would have been shot, horse whipped or hung for treason. Now that I think about it maybe we do need another Andy Jackson?
    Thanks for reading what I wrote.


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