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A woman in Ann Arbor, Michigan was shot and killed by police after her boyfriend called for help during a domestic dispute. Aura Rosser was shot in the head and the chest. According to Raw Story, Rosser had a history of mental illness.

Ann Arbor police officers arrived a short time later and found Aura Rosser holding a fish knife in a well-lit area of the house.

The 54-year-old Stephens said he was in another part of the house when police announced their arrival, and he stopped moving – but he said Rosser turned toward them.

“They said ‘freeze,’ and the next thing I know I heard (gunshots),” Stephens said.

He doesn’t understand why police used their guns instead of nonlethal weapons, such as Tasers.

“Why would you kill her? He shot her in the head and in the chest,” Stephens said. “It was a woman with a knife. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Rosser had two sons, one age 15 and the other 19, and one daughter who had just turned 12.

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  1. Navymum

    What a tragedy! The mentally ill need to be helped, not killed. My daughter was mentally ill and her father and I tried to get her help, but even though we had insurance and the money, the law would not let us help her. You could only keep her in the hospital for 3 days or you were violating her rights. She is dead now, at age 21. She was not shot by police, but she did drive her car into a tree. I was grateful she did not kill anyone else. The police may have been too quick to shoot in this case, but I have seen with my own eyes what a mentally ill person can do in a crisis. They do not behave like normal people and they can be very threatening. There were many nights when I bolted my bedroom door out of fear of my daughter. I am so sorry that this woman was killed. If the law allowed her to be hospitalized and stabilized this never would have happened. I will pray for her family. I loved my daughter and I wish I had her back, sickness and all. Most of all I wish I could have helped her live a normal life.

    • Tom Simpson

      Tragic events like these are unfortunately becoming common place all across the nation. Too many citizens are being gunned down by police for actions that do not justify police officers using deadly force. It makes us ask the question, “what the hell is going on?” Take another case. That of the unarmed mother in DC who was killed by police because she made a wrong turn. The execution style slaying of this woman who had her two year old in the back seat, raises a red flag, signaling that something is deadly wrong and needs to be fixed! We see a complacent law enforcement system that condones “shoot first ask questions later” which sends a dangerous message. That we are all at risk of being shot and killed because we said or did something a police officer thinks he has the right to take our life over. Even though it may have been simply a case of poor communication. Shooting unarmed citizens or using excessive deadly force in such cases as these two, gives us all pause to question our government’s intentions. Law enforcement in general, as a system of public safety, was institutionalized to serve and protect the general public. Instead we’re witnessing the militarization of local law enforcement. It’s been reported that the Defense Department has been supplying local police departments with tanks and armor piercing bullets. What does this tell us? It tells us that our government is prepared and intends to use deadly force to suppress our civil liberties should a crisis erupt that causes urban riots to break out. When the law can behave lawlessly in the name of public safety, we are all in danger.

  2. Alonzo

    As much as the trigger-happy cops are to blame for using their guns first rather than the host of non-lethal means in their arsenal, I put even more blame on those who train, supervise, and run the police departments. These higher-ups, by their public comments and subsequent actions seem to condone this kill-first reaction to situations where much less force is necessary to subdue people who, in reality, do not threaten the lives of officers or anyone else who has sense enough to stand at a distance from them when they act up.

    Further evidence of these higher-ups condoning and encouraging lethal solutions to non-lethal situations is the way they do whatever it takes to get these cops off the hook, excuse their actions, and justify them to the public. These are not the PD’s of times past. Something terribly evil has taken over so many of these agencies, and I believe that their beliefs and attitudes have become, these are people who need to die because they contribute nothing to society. And yet, time and again, many of those being murdered by police are productive, law-abiding citizens who are parents of young children, or children themselves, who only need guidance and opportunity to change. God help us, this nation is sinking into the abyss faster than any of us can stop it.

    If any of us think it can’t, or won’t happen to us… not so. It happens everywhere and all the time, day or night, in every town and city across America.

    • Jesse

      My question is what happened to the Nightsick ( batan).? That was non-lethal and the monadock night stick which the police could do more than hit with it. You could put violent people in holds with it easier. ( That is the nightstich that had a handle on the side . It looks like a martial art weapon.) People probably didn’t like cops beating people, but it didn’t kill people. People got an attitude adjustment but they didn’t die ! But they might sue but dead men tell no lies.


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