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It was reported this week that the President has played 180 rounds of golf since taking office.  I wish it were 360.

If those who generally disapprove of the President’s job performance feel slighted that he is not giving them their money’s worth, take heed; chances are if he were sitting in the oval office he would be contemplating or orchestrating ways to grow government faster and/or take more of your money. We should view every hole of golf he plays as a respite and a par 5 hole preferable to a par 3.

It is those of the persuasion that the President is enacting an agenda they agree with who should be disappointed he is frequently off the job.  In the next term if a Rand Paul or Ted Cruz (or another, don’t mean to slight anyone) start to dismantle the police state and out-of-control bureaucracy and then take an inordinate amount of vacation, I will feel slighted.

We also hear tallies of the cost of flying Air Force One and the costs of his stays in various places where the connected and economy insolated reside.  Those daily costs, which may seem outrageous, pale in comparison to the daily increases in the national debt his programs have precipitated.  Nearly 6 trillion dollars of debt added in the President’s first term is $4 billion per day compared to vacation costs of what, maybe 4 million a day?

Please extend your vacation.

Have a fulfilling and profitable day,

W C (Bill) Augustine, author of Atlas Rising

sequel soon to be released

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