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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke delivered a passionate defense of the Second Amendment at last week’s NRA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. Clarke blasted Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett for proudly claiming to be a founding member of Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against the Second Amendment.”

Clarke, who is a Democrat and 35-year career-educated and trained law enforcement official, said, “I’ve had it, and I’m tired of seeing the Second Amendment treated like the bastard child of the Bill of Rights.”

I’m tired of law-abiding citizens being viewed by leftist government officials as clingers, bloodthirsty racists and extremists. These people know that first step to putting us back into subservience to government is to disarm us.

The armed citizen made us free, and the armed citizen will keep America free.

When I put my hand the Bible and made that promise to defend freedom, I damn well meant it.

I call the law-abiding armed citizen the great equalizer–I trust the law-abiding armed citizen.

Sheriff Clarke referenced numerous incidents of law-abiding citizens who have successfully used fireams to save their own as well as other people’s lives.

Clarke issued a call-to-action against left-wing “tyrants” determined to disarm law-abiding citizens, declaring, “Defending freedom is going to be a fight that has no end. If you are going to stand with me, you can’t be afraid to get your knuckles bloody; you have to be willing to resist any attempt by government to disarm law-abiding citizens with ferociousness of a junkyard dog.”

View Clarke’s full remarks via The Right Scoop:

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