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The Milwaukee Street Car, an organization pushing for Mayor Tom Barrett’s $124 million, 4.6 mile street car plan released a video proclaiming it would create jobs.

There has been a push to put the streetcar plan to referendum which Barrett has fought against. Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) has launched a petition drive to force a binding referendum.

The street car route will not provide transportation to low-income areas. Low-income residents won’t be able to afford all the new high-rise residential buildings being planned along the route.

The initial federal funds of $289 million were given to Milwaukee to be spent on a transit system in 1990s. Various projects were funded like tearing down the Park East Freeway which for many years has remained undeveloped and a wasteland. Eventually, the leftover money was split between the City and the County. Milwaukee County chose to use the funds for buses, which are used by many minority riders who can’t afford cars. The city has chosen to spend their portion of the money and more on a street car that will serve the Milwaukee elite.

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