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Former Assistant DA, Mike Lutz, revealed the true motives behind John Chisholm’s unending pursuit of Scott Walker with John Doe investigations, is considering suing The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the newspaper that revealed his identity. Stuart Taylor of the American Media Institute first wrote the story about what was really going on in the DA’s office:

Chisholm told him (Lutz) and others that Chisholm’s wife, Colleen, a teacher’s union shop steward at a school in St. Francis, which is near Milwaukee, had been repeatedly moved to tears by Walker’s anti-union policies in 2011, according to the former staff prosecutor in Chisholm’s office. Chisholm said in the presence of the former prosecutor that his wife “frequently cried when discussing the topic of the union disbanding and the effect it would have on the people involved … She took it personally.”

Citing fear of retaliation, the former prosecutor declined to be identified and has not previously talked to reporters.

Chisholm added, according to that prosecutor, that “he felt that it was his personal duty to stop Walker from treating people like this.”

The day after the story went nationwide, Dan Bice (pictured above) of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote a story with accusations of Lutz being unstable and making death threats. Bice revealed Lutz’s name after showing up at the former police officer’s home at night, banging on his door and ringing his bell trying to confirm he was the whistleblower.

In a follow-up article, Taylor describes the harrassment.

The Journal Sentinel’s Dan Bice, whose “political watchdog” column is titled “No Quarter,” appeared after dark at the source’s home on Sept. 11. Bice’s persistent door-bell ringing and heavy knocks awakened and frightened the source’s sleeping 12-year-old daughter, he said. The noise was so loud that a neighbor came out to investigate the din, he said.

As a result of the revelations by Lutz, one of the targets is demanding an investigation into Chisholm’s use of his office for political purposes. Now, Mike Lutz is considering filing a suit against Bice and the Journal Sentinel for printing the accusation of him making a “death threat.”

Lutz first went to the Journal Sentinel with the story two years ago, but the paper never reported it.

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