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Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm will not prosecute former police officer Christopher Manney for the killing of Dontre Hamilton in April 2014.

Former officer Manney was terminated by Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn after reviewing of the incident indicated that Manney performed an out of protocol pat-down on Hamilton, who was not a criminal suspect. Flynn said the search was not based on any reasonable suspicion.

Chisholm is the same district attorney who masterminded the secretive “John Doe” probes into conservative activists in Wisconsin, which included “pre-dawn paramilitary” style raids on conservative activists homes, in a fishing expedition for illegal campaign coordination with Governor Scott Walker, and has resulted in several lawsuits including a federal civil rights suit against Chisholm.

For more information on the Dontre Hamilton Case, see our previous coverage.

Stay tuned for updates from DA John Chisholm’s 10am press conference.

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