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“You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” ― Daniel Patrick Moynihan

In a radio interview one day before today’s Louisiana runoff election that will decide the political fate of three term Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu, she attempted to separate herself from President Barack Obama by making the bizarre and false claim that Obamacare is not the President’s signature legislation.

The last ditch spin is so out of touch with reality that it bears repeating just you be sure you didn’t read it wrong: Sen. Mary Landrieu actually argued that Obamacare is not President Obama’s signature legislation.

Then Landrieu doubled down and made the completely false claim that President Obama had proposed a Single Payer health care system (like that of countries like Canada and the U.K) and that she had voted for Obamacare in opposition to Single Payer.

While Barack Obama said as recently as 2007 that he was an advocate for Single Payer, he never proposed it or even campaigned for it as President. As a student of the Saul Alinsky school of practical radicalism, Obama was far too savvy to advocate for such immediate radical change, pushing for an interim step instead…one that Landrieu voted for, of course.

Such a major factual gaffe on the part of a Republican Senate Candidate would likely make national headlines.

Landrieu’s taffy-pull of truth shows the tortured twists required of Democrats desperate to distance themselves from the toxic Obama and his legislative legacy.

On her appearance on the Jeff Crouere show on WGSO, Landrieu attempts to argue that even though she one of the deciding votes that passed Obamacare, that she really wasn’t voting with Obama.

The relevant audio comes at about 7:33.

Landrieu: I voted for the Affordable Care Act. I did not vote for Obama. I voted for the Affordable Care Act for Louisiana.

Host: His signature legislation. That’s his signature legislation. His number one accomplishment.

Landrieu: That is such baloney! Do you know what his signature legislation was?

Host: I think it’s Obamacare. That’s his number one…when the history books are written, they’re going to say Obamacare in the first paragraph, Senator. You know that.

The host is clearly correct. Then Senator Landrieu begins to play an insulting “don’t you know how to read?” intimidation card with the host.

Landrieu: Jeff. Jeff. Where did you go to high school?

Host: De La Salle.

Landrieu: Okay, when the brothers at De La Salle would teach you to read, do you know what his signature education…I mean, his signature health plan was? It was Single Payer. Don’t you remember? The liberals in the Congress, including President Obama…the liberals wanted single payer. Have you ever heard of that? Do you know what Single Payer is?

Host: Yes, yes.

There were a few ultra-liberals such as Rep. Dennis Kucinich pushing for Single Payer at first, but they quickly dropped any talk of it and switched to support for the Public Option in the Obamacare debate.

However, almost nobody was actually pushing for Single Player and certainly not President Obama. Kucinich was talked OUT of pushing for even the Public Option by President Obama himself:

“…after careful discussions with President Obama, Speaker Pelosi” and others, Kucinich said, “I’ve decided to cast a vote in favor of the legislation.”

Kucinich’s stance was being closely watched by both sides, partly as a test of President Obama’s ability to corral the support of reluctant Dems. Obama wooed him directly with a lift on Air Force One and gave a big health care speech in his district earlier this week.

The facts aren’t with her, but Landrieu keeps pushing the host anyway.

Landrieu: Now you tell me the truth. Didn’t President Obama want Single Payer?

Host: He did. I’m sure he did.

Landrieu: He did. Do you know that I said no to Single Payer? That’s what President Obama wanted, Jeff. That’s what he campaigned for.

That is completely false: Barack Obama never campaigned for Single Payer running for President and he never proposed it as legislation.

In fact, Landrieu voted with Obama on his proposal but now with today’s election loss looming, she is trying to run to the right of President Obama by making up facts: in her fantasy world, Mary Landrieu was voting to stop Single Payer legislation.

This isn’t to say that Barack Obama wasn’t a proponent of Single Payer before he ran for President. He was, and that was widely covered by conservative media.

Many conservatives also make a compelling case that Obamacare is a precursor to Single Payer.

But that’s not the same as Landrieu’s blatant lie that Obama campaigned for and proposed Single Payer.

The fact is that Landrieu voted for what Obama proposed. And today in Louisiana, voters will likely give her their opinion on that.

3 Responses

  1. SirRuncibleSpoon

    Re: “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”

    No, no, no, a thousand times no. If there is one thing in this country, at this time, to which each and every semi-literate person is entitled, it is our choice of our own facts. Let’s count the ways by which a person may appropriate his or her or its own facts.

    1) Selectively choose from among the blizzard of contending, often contradictory data sets, studies, authoritative statements and wikipedia entries a subset of ‘facts’ which reinforce whatever preconceived conclusion one wishes to advance.

    2) In choosing our own facts, one must avoid any personal challenges to the sanctity and effect of the aforementioned subset of all facts by resolutely refusing to vet them or their sources or authors.

    3) In deploying our chosen facts in combative dialog, avoid any challenges from your uppity audience by pre-emptively attacking the veracity of any and all facts likely to serve as contenders for your audience’s attention.

    4) In the supremacy of your own facts, sarcastically make reference to the imbecility of those willing to contest the veracity or relevance of your own chosen facts as punishment for their affront to your sovereign right to your own facts.

    Facts, versus opinion, are merely statements which can be empirically tested for veracity. In and of themselves, prior to the aforementioned testing, a factoid is just a statement awaiting its evaluation. A general willingness on the part of the citizenry to treat ANY and ALL declarative statements as TRUE facts before their testing lies at the root of our modern ability to choose our own facts and brandish them about to the denigration of the chosen facts of others.

    We are each and all so eager to want surety in our lives that we grab hold of untested data sets from suspicious sources like Global Warming scientists, Democrat political operatives, the President and scurrilous sources like MSNBC, CNN, NBC etc. We assume these pontificators of information HAVE, in fact, done the vetting for us. They wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

    Thus does Michael Brown have his hands up in the popular imagination. Thus was Jackie gang-raped by 7 frat brothers on a floor of littered glass in Virginia. Thus do we think that ObamaCare is working smoothly, at last and that we are respected abroad.

    Oh, yes, America, modern life’s vast reservoir of facts swirls around us, all but begging us to choose a comfortable subset of our own facts and anoint that subset with a sanctity that can only come after the most rigorous of testings. And beware: the first test must be made of our own allegiance to Objectivity and Truth. It is here that we as a people have become weakest, myself included.

  2. jack

    Mary L. is/was a decent Senator. She finds herself in the wrong political party. The Democrat leadership stands for too many major issues she and her constituents appose. Immigration “reform”, blocking new energy sources in the US such as fracking and Keystone. Too many, for Mary to succeed as a Democrat, understand the Democratic leadership/Obama administration are striving for enact legislation that will drive down their wages, threaten their jobs, and increase federal government spending and even open border to terrorists should they choose that path.
    As for Mary – she needs time for quiet reflection and finding where True North is on her compass.


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