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Of the many examples of innocent men being abused by the family court system, few are as egregious as the case of Carnell Alexander:

  • In 1987, one of his ex-girlfriend’s had a baby and applied for state assistance
  • She did not know who the father of the child was at the time
  • So she LIED on the application and listed Carnell Alexander
  • The woman admits that she lied in order to get assistance
  • The child’s real father is now in the picture
  • DNA tests have proven that Carnell is not the father
  • But Michgan courts do not care, and are ordering him to pay $30,000 or go to jail

Where do you even begin to unpack the injustice of this case? Let’s start with the woman who created this mess. This woman committed fraud. She lied about Carnell Alexander in order to receive benefits from the state. As a direct result of her lies, Carnell Alexander is facing jail time. If that’s not criminal, it should be.

But what is the state doing about her? Absolutely nothing. Apparently, in Michigan, it is legal for a woman to lie in order to get money from the state, but it is illegal for a man to refuse to pay for it. Even worse is the fact that when it came time to hold someone accountable, the court chose to prosecute the victim of the lie instead of the liar.

Then there is the real father.

If anyone owes back child support, it should be the child’s biological father. After all, it’s his kid. The man who made the child should be financially responsible for it. His identity is known and he is a part of the child’s life.  But is the court going after him? Nope.

Then you have the courts themselves.

How much more blatantly corrupt can a system be? Carnell Alexander says he’s not the father. The mother says he’s not the father. The DNA test proves he’s not the father. The biological dad admits to being the father. And yet, the court still demands that Carnell Alexander pay money or go to jail. That outcome is only possible in a hopelessly broken system.

Even worse, it leads to a very worrying conclusion: the courts do not care who the father is. They just need to get paid, and ANY man will do. Of course, the courts try to justify their absurdity by blaming the victim, in this case, Carnell Alexander:

The court focused on a summons tied to the paternity case in the late 1980’s. The state sent a process server to Alexander’s dad’s house in Highland Park to let him know about the paternity case. The process server turned a document into the court saying Alexander was delivered the summons, but he refused to sign the summons.

But the process server lied.

Carnell did not refuse to sign the summons. He never even saw the summons. He couldn’t have seen the summons because he was in jail at the time. How’s that for an airtight alibi?

The fact that he was never actually served is significant because:

…since service of process is a fundamental part of due process of law, the court that’s been adjudicating matters against Alexander for several years now, has actually had no jurisdiction over him. All courts require two types of jurisdiction of a case, jurisdiction over the subject matter of the case and jurisdiction over the person of the defendant. The court that’s ruled in Alexander’s case had jurisdiction of the subject matter, i.e. child support, but none over Alexander since he was never properly informed about the case against him. The original child support order is therefore null and void because a court without jurisdiction is a court whose orders are without effect.

So, now in addition to all the other problems with the case, you have a lying process server and a court that might not even have jurisdiction of the case. This should be easy to fix.

But the courts don’t care. They don’t care about truth, and they certainly don’t care about fairness. If Carnell Alexander wants justice, he’ll have buy it like everyone else does.

And that’s what he’s trying to do.

To help raise money to pay for his legal defense, Carnell Alexander has set up a gofundme account. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, it has raised a paltry $25 out of $40,000 needed. It’s a sad but accurate microcosm of his experience with the justice system to date.

Too bad he’s not a single mother. Maybe then he could go lie about someone and get the state to give him some money to help out.

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  1. Linda Nitzschke

    With a system that corrupt, he should file for custody and then go after the mother for the same amount of support.

  2. Walt Griffith

    This old white guy in Fl will put up $100 on Friday; my next payday. All the rest of you readers can probably do about the same; if you really care. Just skip a carton or two of cigarettes.

  3. Mike Hustle

    I’m going through the same thing with Michigan, I can home one day an my crack addict wife Empty out our apartment. I’ve tried to get a divorce for the past 15 years, but she’s been in prison or Rehab, She had two kids about 10 years ago and the real father came forward and said these are his kids. He even signed the birth certificate. But Michigan law states that I’m responsible since I was married to her when she had the kids, I’ve tried to get a paternity test and the state says no, the partenity is already established. I’ve lost my drivers license, and tax returns, because of this unjust bullshit. Some men in suits get to decide was is fair.

    • Nobody


      You need to contact Murray Davis at the National Family Justice Association in Michigan. His contact information is here:

      He’s the person to help you out with your case, and your case can hep him move forward with your cause legislatively.

      I can vouch, he is the nicest and most upstanding guy in the State of Michigan.

  4. Scott McCollum

    The citizens should march to that courthouse and throw that criminal judge down the court steps and into jail.


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