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Beyond Republic to Credentialed* Oligarchy**

Our government is now seeking experts to participate in “Behavioral modification Teams”. The purpose of the teams is to develop methods to nudge voters into accepting key political programs. Perhaps we should be thankful that we have leaders that are willing to nudge us to do what is best for the community.
nudge [ nuj ]
1. –push or poke somebody: to push or poke somebody gently, usually with a motion of the elbow

It is becoming ever more inconceivable how we could live without help from the state. Although life might be possible without direction and oversight, our existence would be a meager subsistence between bouts of intense dog-eat-dog competition all in the context of a cruel Social Darwinism.

Fortunately those who have compassion and know better than the masses have not only kept us protected from chaotic unstructured onslaught but have plans for improving our plight. It is easy to relinquish the burden of a minimal amount of freedom, to do harm to ourselves and others, for the security and structure fashioned by the knowing.

The knowing, being justly credentialed by having the proper ideas, mindset and compassion beyond their own self-aggrandizement, lead us beyond our propensity for mindless havoc.

Among life’s choices or encumbrances that have been lifted or soon will be by the knowing:

OUR CARS In addition to stop sign and tollway monitoring the administration has had the foresight to bypass congress and move up the date to 2014 for mandating all new cars sold have “black boxes”. This will give investigators information about the causes of crashes ultimately making us safer. It will also allow monitoring of where you’ve been and when thus giving people cause to reconsider anomalous behavior.

OUR FINANCIAL RECORDS The IRS keeps tabs on our financial records to assure
that everyone pays their share. They also use their authority to handicap reactionary elements of society who wish to enslave us to the tyranny of unbounded liberty and the treadmill of a meritocracy.

OUR BODIES The state is taking over a most critical element in our lives, that being
our life itself. No longer will health procedures be at the discretion of distorted privilege. Only the truly elite, the knowing, worthy and dedicated to our well-being will receive special care.

MAIL Technology allows monitoring of today’s written communication, for our benefit that wasn’t available inside an envelope. The scrutiny of e-mail correspondence dispels and discourages less than correct attitudes, an endeavor much more encompassing than attention to warnings from other countries about fanatics.

PHONE The web of connections of who talks to who is being checked for any
hint of less than appropriate behavior or defective intentions protecting society from dangers defined by the knowing.

YOUR FACE The number of cameras with face recognition software is increasing
geometrically in order to identify the enemies of the state. Though ironic the examination of our unique faces is an accepted use of individuality to enhance societal conformity.

KNOWLEDGE Incorrect knowledge can be a dangerous thing in the hands of people
with incorrect attitudes. Hence the amount of education control of both learned attitudes and knowledge will be ratcheted up over current efforts to constrain harmful individuality with adoption of the “common core” educational curriculum.

WHERE WE LIVE We are a long way beyond Martin L King’s colorless society. In a
continued pursuit of fairness we identify people more than ever by race. A federal effort is being made by the knowing to determine how concentrated and who lives where, for our good we can be sure.

WHAT WE EAT Standards for food continually increase as research for what is and
isn’t good for you change continually. Although the masses live longer and healthier lives today, the knowing in many localities care enough about their population to ban and limit foods which are judged harmful today. It is noble to save people from themselves.

We eat, live, acquire knowledge, access public places, travel, communicate, and accumulate our labors all under the benevolent care and protection of the knowing state, such a generous trade off for a small loss of liberty.

-That which entitles one to confidence, credit, or authority.
**Oligarchy (ol•i•gar•chy)
-small governing group: a small group of people who together govern a nation or control an organization, often for their own purposes

Have a fulfilling and profitable day,

W C (Bill) Augustine,

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