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Yesterday, Legal Insurrection contributor Anne Sorock attended a forum at the Netroots Nation progressive convention in Providence, RI. The panelists – Paula Dove Jennings, Daily Kos writer Timothy Lange and Neeta Lind – apparently forgot that progressives aren’t supposed to wage war on women. But they always do.

When Sorock politely inquired as to their thoughts on Elizabeth Warren’s false claims of Native American heritage, the panelists pounced on this woman, fangs bared.

After Lange demanded Sorock identify herself (which she did, willingly), Jennings stood and delivered an impassioned speech, simultaneously thanking Warren for being a proud Native American and admitting that she herself has lied about her Narragansett heritage. The “attack” on Warren compelled Jennings to admit that she is in fact Niantic, not Narragansett, as she has previously claimed.

After Lange patronizingly announced, “I don’t speak to media who have backgrounds of having trashed Indians,” he proceeded to opine his thoughts on the “racism” surrounding the Warren issue.

Daily Kos posted Sorock’s name and photo, deriding her as a “Breitbart wannabe.” The post warned fellow progs of the “troll” lurking in their midst and advised ways to prevent her from capturing any more video footage, dare she try again. A litany of inane comments followed the post, including one – posted by Nyceve – that warns, “[…] Elizabeth needs to be on guard.” Another comment began with, “Time to destroy her career.”

Take a look at the video that shows how the Kos kiddies lost their mind, and decided to launch an all out attack, just because of Ms. Sorock’s effort to simply cover the event, and ask a simple question.

#FirstAmendmentUnderAttack #WARonWomen

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