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Mahlon Mitchell, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch’s opponent in the Wisconsin recall, has kept some questionable company throughout the past few months. Before Mitchell was officially declared the Democratic candidate, the President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin union was consorting with Cornel West.

West, a professor at Princeton University who has described himself as a “non-Marxist socialist,” is known for his incendiary and leftist views on politics, race and class. West said that he admired “the sincere black militancy of Malcolm X, the defiant rage of the Black Panther Party […] and the livid black theology of James Cone.”

After meeting West at the September 2011 Fighting Bob Festival, an annual progressive political conference held in Wisconsin, Mitchell was a guest on the January 27, 2012 segment of the PRI Smiley & West radio show, hosted – per its moniker – by West and fellow liberal class warrior Tavis Smiley.

On February 1, 2012, Mitchell spoke in front of the People’s Legislature in Madison, where he said, “I […] had the opportunity to be on a radio talk show and sit down with Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. I met Cornel the first time at Fighting Bob Fest last year, and from that we’ve had a similar relationship. I’ve been able to speak with him, and it’s been great.”

During his speech, Mitchell declared, “I know this is on camera, but I’m probably not running, anyways.” Now that he is running, here are some other highlights from the lieutenant governor candidate’s speech: a list of grievances including, “voter ID, voter registration, which I like to call voter suppression;” and a nonsensical rant against the Koch brothers (pro-Walker donors) during which he said, “It’s sickening, it’s implorable (read: deplorable). It’s bringing back the Jim Crow laws.”

For those who can stomach a full 15 minutes of this nonsense, see the video below.

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