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Kennedy Assassination plus 50 years

Soon we will mark the 50th anniversary of the tragic day in Dallas that President Kennedy was killed. I’m sure the remembrances will start soon. It will be interesting to see how thorough and accurate the portrayals of the event are.

It would be interesting to see how people less than 50 years old would answer this simple multiple choice question:
President Kennedy was assassinated by:
a. CIA operatives
b. The mafia
c. A Marxist/Communist
d. Ideological ancestors of the tea party
e. Racists
f. Undetermined

But it might be more interesting to determine how the public’s answer to the question has changed in the 50 years since the tragedy.

I, like most people of age at the time, remember what I was doing when I heard the news. The hour found me in my high school freshman geography class in an era when acquiring knowledge trumped the feel-good teaching of politically correct social mores. The teacher, although left of center, expected students to base their opinions on reason rather than emotion and taught likewise.

One can only speculate what kind of President Kennedy might have actually become. But we do know he ran for election espousing the need to beef up the military and lowered the tax rate which is something Democrats have opposed since.
Actually Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots at the President and official investigations conclude he was the lone gunman. Regardless of forensic, ballistic, and eyewitness evidence supporting the lone gunman theory many adhere to some conspiracy belief. However, the conspiracy theories do not doubt Oswald was involved in some fashion.
Oswald was a court-martialed marine who defected to the Soviet Union in 1959. He was an avowed Marxist from the age of 16 who in the USSR offered his experience as a marine and married a native Soviet. Ultimately he became disgruntled with institutionalized Leninism in the USSR and embraced revolutionary Marxism practiced in Cuba. From Cuba, which he called a true form of socialism, he returned to the US in 1962 and spent time defending Castro through leafleting and debating on radio.
Expect to hear little of Lee Harvey Oswald in the remembrances of the events in Dallas 50 years ago and less of his background.

Can you imagine an effort to describe a missing Dalmatian dog as a medium to large sized dog with a certain type blood, one ear slightly smaller than the other and a gimp in the left hind leg which causes it to trot slightly sideways but failing to mention that the dog happens to be white with black spots?
If you wish to better a partner in a drinking game this month I might suggest this game. For every time the word: CIA, mafia, reactionaries, Republicans or racist is heard in the media’s coverage of the assassination your partner takes a drink. Likewise you drink when the word Marxist, Communist or Soviet Union is uttered. I suspect soon only you will be sober.
Have a fulfilling and profitable day,

W C (Bill) Augustine,

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    You are s0o correct, Bill. But since I like to drink – don’t think I’ll take up the last offer. 😉


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