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Last night Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Il) announced what he should have announced a while ago. He will seek re-election in the Illinois 8th congressional district. Walsh had initially decided to run in the 14th against republican incumbent Randy Hultgren, but as the race developed, that became an apparent mistake to Walsh.

Photo credit: Warner Todd Huston

Between going to war with fellow republican Hultgren, who maintains strong support in the 14th; and just handing over the 8th without a fight or making the dems spend a penny the seat–it’s understandable many of his constituents would be angry and reconsider their support.

The question now is, has Walsh burned too many bridges? He is likely still a good candidate despite his past. A large portion of the grassroots loves his congressional voting record and feel his loud mouth speaks for them appropriately. It also seems many don’t give two cents about whether or not he owes his ex-wife money.

So with his ability to win solely on grassroots support in 2010, and despite the newly unfavorable remap of the district, it’s difficult to understand why the 14th was serious consideration to begin with. In the 8th, his likely challenger democrat Tammy Duckworth will have union thugs out canvassing for her; Walsh will have patriots.

Here is an interview from Warner Todd Huston, who was on the scene for Walsh’s announcement.

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Now that Walsh has spent 3 months pissing off a lot of people, he has some lost ground to cover. But there doesn’t seem to be any reason he can’t do well and put up a great fight. And if he can stop being his own worst enemy, he might be able to win.

You can catch Walsh’s full announcement here….

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