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After I saw a video on the internet of Jan Schakowsky avoiding questions about the constitutionality of the healthcare mandate and ties to DSA, I thought I should try to ask her some questions too. I went to her GOTV rally in Skokie, IL, figuring this would be a good place to catch her. There was a very small turnout, about 15 people and 3 candidates, Lou lang, Schakowsky, and Bliss.. Lou lang talked about the lack of enthusiasm in there base, and the need to force democrats to vote and get them to their polls, because they know that people don’t want to vote. He mentioned the need to drag them to the polls by their necks. Jan spoke about how the enthusiasm gap was shrinking, which I found odd after Lang’s comments and not to mention the light turnout for the event. After Jan spoke, her campaign manager Alex Armour informed everyone they were going to walk over to the village hall and vote at that time. That is when I took a chance to ask her some questions.

I asked her if she was excited to vote today, and she said she wasn’t actually going to vote that day, and prefers voting on election day. Simple enough, then another man asked her about Helen Thomas and she answered that, Helen Thomas was at her lunch prior to her making anti-semetic comments, and condemned those comments. But when I started to ask her about the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) and the constitutionality of the healthcare mandate, she refused to comment. I find this very disturbing that an elected official can answer a few simple questions, which shed positive light on herself, but when tougher questions are asked which constituents and citizens have a right to know the answers to, they can just ignore the questions and flee.. What’s even worse is the mainstream medias lack of effort, inability or apparent refusal to ask tough questions of elected officials, leaving citizens out of the know, and blind to what is really happening behind the scenes in in their government and their media. I am not employed by any campaigns or political parties, I am citizen that is concerned for my country, and the security of the Constitution.

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