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From Founding Bloggers:

Rep. Jan Schakowsky is trying to break free of the ‘Schakowsky Conundrum.’ For anyone unfamiliar with this syndrome, here is a description:

Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky finds herself in the unfortunate position of battling the very Progressive movement she has done so much to help shape. You see, she is a Progressive Zionist, and that puts her in direct conflict with her most radical Progressive colleagues, many of whom equate Zionism with colonialism and racism.

Over the weekend, Jan Schakowsky condemned the Progressive Democrats of America for their role in the coming Hamas Flotilla 2, set to launch June 20, 2011.

[vsw id=”FuCnKXBbhwk” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Good for you, Jan. Now all you have to do is march down the hall andcondemn the co-sponsors of your ‘tax the rich’ bill to their faces. It’s a lot of the same people.


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