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The two police officers who were videoed by a 14-year old boy smashing the window of the vehicle he was in, have been put on desk duty. According to the Post-Tribune, the officers will be facing a disciplinary hearing.

Hammond Police Lt. Pat Vicari and Lt. Charles Turner will go before what’s known in the department as the Board of Captains, Mayor Tom McDermott Jr. said Friday. The Board of Captains is comprised of the four department captains and Assistant Police Chief Jeff Long.

The charge the board will review is the length of time it took Vicari and Turner to tell their superiors of the Sept. 25 incident when Jamal Jones, 26, of Hammond was forcibly removed from the passenger seat of a car driven by Lisa Mahone, of Hammond. During the stop, after refusing to get out of the car after being asked multiple times, Hammond police officers broke the car window and shot him with a stun gun.

The two have been connected to other lawsuits involving police brutality, but those cases were settled. This is the only disciplinary hearing relating to the incident scheduled so far. The woman who’s window was smashed, Lisa Mahone, has filed a lawsuit.

3 Responses

  1. Jesse

    Just because they were involved in other police brutality investigations doesn’t mean they were found guilty or did it. We have gone from calling everyone a racist to calling every cop an abuser of power and that they are all commiting police brutality. Live your own life as an example 1st.

  2. AnOnYmOuS

    The word police is becoming synonymous with aggressive, impatient, demanding, violent, overbearing, impolite, threatening and intolerant among other words.

    • Jesse

      The way they are being trained needs to be looked at and possibly every 6 months they all needed to be in a counseling session to see how they are handling stress and do strategies that help them from turning to cynical. They can get to where every one is a bad guy. They need to be involved with the community so it is not and us and them scenario 24-7. Being involved with youth can prevent that attitude.


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