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SPRINGFIELD — Illinois Senate President John Cullerton’s state DREAM Act just passed the Illinois Senate with a 45 to 11 vote, setting up a private scholarship through Illinois’ college funding program for children of illegal immigrants. The vote on SB 2185 is online HERE.

UPDATE: All Democrats voted YES, except for Gary Forby, who did not vote.

Republicans that voted YES are: Althoff, Bomke, Brady, Dillard, Duffy, Tom Johnson, Murphy, Radogno, Sandack, Schmidt, Syverson.

Republicans that voted NO are: Bivins, Cultra, Christine Johnson, John Jones, LaHood, Lauzen, Luechtefeld, mcCann, McCarter, Rezin and Righter. Republicans Millner and Pankau did not vote.

via Illinois Review: UPDATE: Illinois Senate passes state DREAM Act.

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  1. B Wachter

    I am repulsed at the number of public servants who have sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic who in effect are supporting indisputable marxist ideology!

  2. Lisa

    Illinois is a xxxxing discrace and a joke amongst other states. How about taking care of our own first since we’re broke, crooked and the laughing stock of the Nation. Illinois should get their house in order first and then worry about illegals after they’ve ensured the LEGALS have what they need to live and thrive.

    The money we spend on prosecuting our public servants would put thousands thru college. Here’s an idea, CLEAN UP YOUR ACT ILLINOIS. Are you at all concerned about the amount of people fleeing this state daily?


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