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How did the Ferguson protests build, explode and then end up with the cold blooded shooting death of two New York City police officers?

The answer lies in the perfect storm of long-term political strategy by two forces who hijacked the Ferguson protests as an opportunity to further their own agendas: neo-liberal radicals on the American left and the pro-Palestinian, anti-Isreal Muslims. has extensive coverage of the pro-Palestianian infiltration into the anti-police brutality movement.

On one hand, the American neo-liberals have long dreamed of starting a race war as a way of kicking off a Marxist overthrow of the United States, a history that I previously discussed here on Rebel Pundit. When that combined with the pro Palestine Islamist radicals who’ve been using the #Ferguson protests for months, the results were predictably lethal.

This comes into sharper focus as more information comes out about cop killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, who Charles C. Johnson’s controversial website has discovered also had a Facebook account under the name Ismaaiyl Abdullah-Muhammad, where the killer claimed to have worked for the Islamic Society of North America.

The mainstream media has ignored or downplayed the fact that Brinsley is Muslim but this is part of the policy of political correctness about Islamic extremism that also allowed the Fort Hood massacre and the recent beheading of a woman in Oklahoma as “workplace violence.”

But just as it’s important to understand the left’s history of race-war agitation, it’s also important to put the Ramos-Liu shooting in the context of recent acts of Islamic “lone wolf” terror around the world.

Even the term “lone wolf terrorism” has been mangled by the media to make it appear as though these are isolated incidents with no motivating force. This is untrue: in fact, lone wolf terror is a tactic encouraged by jihadist terror groups, as is shown in this chilling excerpt from a video created by the terror group al-Shabab and distributed in the United States and England.

On the surface, the neo-liberal ideology would appear to have nothing in common with radical Islam. After all, the left’s feminist, pro-gay rights agenda seems miles away from the Islamic countries that regularly hang people for being gay and stone women to death for dishonoring their families by being raped.

But leftists and jihadists have one key thing in common which makes them easy allies: destruction of America.

The Marxist neo-liberals and the Islamists want to completely destroy “the system” and create an entirely new system in its place. Of course, this has been tried before and has resulted in their own death and destruction but no matter…these are true believers, who are ready to kill and destroy regardless of consequences.

To the neo-liberal ideology, it’s all part of one big struggle of oppressor against the oppressed; a topic I’ve also detailed on RebelPundit. To the leftist radical way of thinking, it’s war against the oppressor and in war, anything goes. The Islamists see the same struggle and the ‘oppressor’ is Western civilization.

Both of these groups see protests like those in Ferguson as a way to foment revolution. Many of the protestors may have wanted reasonable things like a less militarized police force or body cameras or economic improvement in their communities.

However, the goal of the radicals isn’t to actually solving problems. It’s agitation for the sake of agitation, trying to turn up the heat until a literal revolution explodes.

In fact, the revolutionaries are against problem solving, which they see as a way to keep the western / capitalist systems going. As socialist Oscar Wilde said his 1891 essay The Soul of Man under Socialism, about people performing charity: “their remedies do not cure the disease: they merely prolong it.”

These aren’t people to form an alliance with. They are groups that need to be kicked to the curb as soon as they show up.

Just as the protests were gaining some support as people learned about the cases of Tamir Rice or Eric Garner, the cold blooded killing of Ramos and Liu in New York caused tensions to rise and made many take suddenly take a side: cop-killers on one side and knee-jerk support for the police on the other. The middle ground has gone away, along it seems with any short term hope for understanding.

If real solutions are going to be found, it won’t be from the extreme left or the extremist Muslims.

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  1. SCOTT

    What a fine Gentlemen Masri is ! Really, does he really believe the ridiculous things emitting from his own ‘pie-hole?’ If he lay bleeding to death on a lonely, rural road on a dark night, and a policeman comes around to save his life would those be his words?? Don’t think so.. More like, “Please help me Sir!” would be his words. Amazing too how he ‘hides behind protected free speech’ to spew his twisted versions of democracy and a ‘just’ society. It’s NEVER about his own actions, ALWAYS about somebody else as made clear in his own interview. “I was just frustrated” he says.. Well, I’m sorry Bassim, we all get frustrated at times; especially with Obama’s lies, but we don’t go out in the street yelling and screaming and priding ourselves on citing social unrest and putting people’s lives in danger. But you of course have a right to do this don’t you? After all, you are a muslim, and see things on a much ‘higher level’ than the rest of us do.
    You have all sorts of free time to go out to the streets and harass police officers while most of us have to work, raise children, and sacrifice for those we love.
    Thanks to you, your buddy AL Sharpton , and the likes of you two, we will ALWAYS have poverty, bigotry, and an undereducated and uninformed socioeconomic under class. Without one, where would you be? You might have to get a job like the rest of us!


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