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In Houston right now American’s Most Bizarre City Government has topped their previous record of inanity (mandating gender neutral public facilities for transsexuals) and has now sent subpoenas to area pastors demanding they turn over their Sunday sermons for review. The city will scour the preacher papers for any offensive references to homosexuality or the new Equal Rights Ordinance currently being contested in the courts.

It’s a story directly out of “1984” or some other dystopian fantasy novel. A government body decides what free citizens shall and shall not be allowed to say based on whom might be offended by their speech. But Houston’s first gay mayor, Annise Parker (pictured above) has brought fantasy to life and what’s worse – she seems proud of it.

Parker’s position is that pastors availing themselves of the church’s 501 (c)(3) status are not allowed to preach politics from the pulpit. Therefore it is the city’s job to make sure they are not doing that.

I wonder how Mayor Parker feels about Hilary Clinton campaigning in churches across the country? Or Obama’s favorite pastor Jeremiah Wright spewing about the vast right-wing conspiracy from his pulpit?

I’d be willing to bet what’s left in my savings account after this endless “Summer of Recovery” that Mayor Parker is a staunch defender of the non-existent separation of church and state. Now, here she is – The State – getting all up in Jesus’ business and making it her own.

This is a development that should frighten all Houston residents. All Americans, really. Don’t doubt this bad idea is coming to a city near you as soon as possible. This is the next step in “hate crime” madness. If we think it’s possible to legislate a person’s intentions it’s only logical we think we can legislate their private beliefs as well.

“Progressives” like Parker (I use quotes because there’s nothing progressive about discrimination) never once stop to question the depth of their own intolerance towards others with different thoughts. Parker thinks she’s some kind of “gender” warrior, but really she’s just a bully…and a bigot to boot.

As a matter of fact, that brings me to another disturbing trend I’ve seen more and more of in the gay community lately – racism. Last week we brought you the story of a white lesbian who was suing her sperm bank for giving her the wrong sperm, leaving her with a Black baby. Naturally she was right to sue for breach of contract but her affidavit describing her pain and suffering was astonishingly bigoted. At one point she complained of having to visit Black neighborhoods to get her daughter’s hair done.

I thought the LGBT movement was about inclusion, but people like Parker blatantly discriminate against Blacks without a second thought – and call it tolerance! Parker is clearly not an idiot. She knows that over 80% of the Black community in the United States consider themselves Christian and attend church on a regular basis. In fact, although statistically speaking we have our moral dilemmas as a community, Black Americans are extremely traditional. We believe what the Bible says about marriage and sexuality and it is not unusual to hear a Black pastor preach on such things. The Bible isn’t just a religious text for Blacks, it’s cultural as well.

With these subpoenas Parker has proven she and her ilk have chosen a “superior” culture to support as government officials. Freedom for me, but not for thee! Wouldn’t George Wallace be proud?

I think Houston pastors should deliver each sermon orally and in person at city hall every day until the city powers regain their common sense. I also think it is time that the American church in general to give up its dependence on the 501(c)(3) status. We are rapidly approaching a time when Americans will have a desperate need to hear the truths as laid out in the Bible. If tying religious organizations to government-approved statuses prevents the honest expression of faith its best to render unto Caesar and cut the cord. True Christians will believe that God will provide, even when donations drop because of it.

One last thing. Politicians like Parker aren’t new. They’ve been around since the dawn of this country. They are the type of people who fancy themselves intellectually evolved. They champion “inclusion” and then exclude at the first opportunity they get, never once pausing to consider how someone opposed to their beliefs might use the very laws they created against them.

In “The Life of George Washington, Vol.1” (written by friend to Washington, Justice John Marshall and free for Kindles), Marshall writes about the battle for power in the original colonies. One religious group would fight to win control so that they could practice their religion freely, only to secure that power and then enact laws banning other religious practices. And so on and so forth. The period Marshall writes of is in the mid 1600s, yet I find the following observation stunningly prophetic and sadly alive in the Mayor Parkers of this world:

“So true is it that men close their eyes on encouragements committed by that party to which they are attached, in the delusive hope that power, in such hands, will always be wielded against their adversaries, never against themselves.”

Update: Prior to publishing this story KTRH News Radio reported the Mayor backtracked on issuing subpoenas for the churches’ sermons after public backlash, however, did not clarify what information the subpoenas will still seek:

The mayor says the subpoenas were too broad, and should not have included actual sermons.

“It’s not about what did you preach on last Sunday,” Parker told reporters Wednesday.  “It should have been clarified, it will be clarified.”


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  1. Jesse

    This is what I have been saying for years, that Sexual Orientation Should have never been part of Civil Rights because it conflicts with the true civil rights cases. It interfers with religion and Creed. Now that Mayor Is violating Separation of Church and state if there really is such a notion in Constitution which it isn’t. It is freedom OF religion not freedom from. The Mayor is crossing too many lines. She is trying to be a fascist. Lesbians in command are !

  2. Christina

    Parker attacking the pastors started when she was trying to pass the ordinance. I live in Houston and remembered how she and the majority of the council snubbed the Houston Area Pastors Council and wouldn’t let any of them speak at the “hearings” the city council had before passing the ordinance. I remembered how two prominent African American pastors were not allowed to speak. After reading your article, I dug up an article about it from May:


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