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Emails revealed by hackers that broke into the Sony servers show the hypocrisy of Hollywood. Financial Juneteenth reported on emails sent by Amy Pascal, a Sony executive, mocked Hollywood stars for adopting black babies.

Just last week, it was revealed that Pascal made some controversial remarks regarding President Obama. In an e-mail to another Sony Pictures exec, Pascal jokingly said that President Obama probably likes movies like, “JDango, The Butler, and Think Like a Man.” Pascal ran for cover and issued a formal apology, calling her off color comments about President Obama “insensitive and Inappropriate.” (Interestingly, Pascal is a loyal Democrat and a generous donor to the DNC and the Obama presidential campaign.)

This week, Pascal is back in the news for questionable statements that she’s made in other hacked e-mails that have been released to the public. Pascal wrote to another Sony executive that movie stars getting television deals is as popular as movie stars getting new black babies. Pascal reportedly said, “TV is the new black baby.” It is thought of that this reference to black babies is a dig at celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Steven Spielberg, Madonna, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, celebrities that have all adopted black babies.

Sony has tried to refocus the media on the hacking crime and away from the private exchanges uncovered.


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  1. Spysmasher

    If she was a Republican they’d drag her out and hang her. But since she’s a Democrat, it’s no problem, it’s a non-issue. Move along, nothing to see here.

  2. ann

    What a democrass asshole. Drop dead you f/%^^/ing democrates are satan in human form. Get behind me..Democrats! !


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