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The motion picture Hating Breitbart, a documentary about consevative media pioneer Andrew Breitbart, will be in theaters this coming October 12, producers announced yesterday:

HATING BREITBART – Feature-length Documentary 

Captures the Final Days of Controversial New Media Pioneer, Andrew Breitbart; Releases in Theaters October 12, 201

(Los Angeles, CA) Hating Breitbart, a feature-length documentary that takes an in-depth look at the final days of controversial New Media pioneer, Andrew Breitbart, who, before his untimely death earlier this year, became a conservative icon and one of the nation’s most influential political commentators; is set to hit theaters on October 12, 2012. Hating Breitbart will debut in exclusive engagements in Los AngelesSt. Louis,Dallas and Washington, D.C., with scheduled expansion to cities across the country in subsequent weeks.

Written and directed by award-winning independent filmmaker and multi-media producer, Andrew Marcus; Hating Breitbart is an up-close expose into the last two-years of Breitbart’s life and is the story of the man who achieved national attention by upending the traditional press and repeatedly found himself the target of a media feeding frenzy.

“Andrew Breitbart was able to engage and galvanize the conservative base of Americans, like few others in our time,” says Marcus. “Even before his untimely death earlier this year, Andrew had in many ways, already achieved iconic status as a fearless activist and champion of conservative values. Passionately loved by many and hated vehemently by others, Andrew was a true enigma – a champion of the people and a larger-than-life-personality, who declared war on the mainstream media and on the institutional left. Hating Breitbart will show you how and why he did it and his quest to change the landscape of American culture.”

Production on Hating Breitbart took place over the span of 30 months in more than 15 cities across the United States. Marcus enjoyed exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to Breitbart during his various high-profile and often contentious battles with the media – from the release of the explosive ACORN videos through the Anthony Weiner scandal.

Hating Breitbart also includes appearances, interviews and commentary from Breitbart’s family, friends and associates, including his father-in-law Orson Bean, ABC Nightline anchor Terry Moran, Editor-in-chief of Reason Magazine Nick Gillespie, New York Times columnist Jeremy Peters,’s Tommy Christopher and Colby Hall.

Breitbart helped to develop and launch The Huffington Post and went on to create a string of his own successful websites, including, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism and In 2009, he stepped out from behind the scenes, becoming a controversial public figure in his stalwart support of the Tea Party movement and his relentless demand that mainstream media outlets reveal their cultural and political biases.

Hating Breitbart is a Pixel & Verse Production, written and directed by Andrew Marcus, in association with Filmcrest Entertainment. Distribution is through Rocky Mountain Pictures.

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  1. George Kocan

    Here is another film which the Democrats will denounce and refuse to see, because they are broad minded and open to different ideas.


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