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A new hip hop video “Call the Cops” hit YouTube this week. The video is hard core, but in a good way, highlighting the over militarization of local American police forces and the alarming rate of criminal behavior on their behalf.

Rob Hustle, a California resident performed and produced the video on his own after feeling compelled “to do something actually matters.”

Hustle told RebelPundit, “A lot of the things that are happening right now that made me want to do something because I’m concerned about the world my children are going to grow up in.”

Hustle has been life long fan of hip hop, but says, “a lot of the hip hop on the radio right now, I can’t listen to it, it has no message, good hip hop is all under ground now.”

People are exploiting the culture, its all shallow and has no meaning. How many times can we see how much money someone has, or how good their girl looks?

The community gets its emotions from its artists, and if its greed and lust that the artists are talking about, then its going to effect the community negatively.

Despite the message in the video, Hustle said, “I don’t have animosity toward police at all, I’m not talking about the good cops, I’m talking about the criminals.”

One bad cop can hurt an individual, but if you have a system that becomes corrupt it can hurt a whole community or society–and that’s the problem–that it is becoming systemic.

One of the big problems is a confluence of two things; police that are becoming more militarized, more oppressive, and on the other hand you have a government that is becoming increasingly restrictive against civil rights.

Consequences are completely out of proportion to the crime. Regardless of how petty the actual crime is, they can say they feel threatened, and then they start escalating the force, and that’s the problem.

Hustle said the video took at least three months to produce after going to great lengths to ensure the clips he used in the video actually represented the behavior he is trying to draw attention to.

I wanted to make sure that the clips were actually illustrating abuse and not just police violence. There’s a lot of clips out there that show police in violent situations, but were actually cops using legitimate force to stop a threat.

But, there’s an overwhelming amount of cases where cops overstep the line.

He also pointed out that there are a lot of good cops, however, for fear of retaliation from the corrupt members in their ranks, most of them remain silent.

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  1. Nicola M. Costello

    It’s a well done video. But, it comes across as anti-cop. How prevalent is the brutality? I wish he would have including something about the good cops. Personally, I’m more worried about the feds than local law enforcement.

  2. aztex2010

    Gr8 Video .. if there were just a few really good cops they would be the first ones to come against the brutality .. unfortunately anyone who questions these actions is on the receiving end of the Jack Boots, Baton, pepper spray or Tazer 🙁


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