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Several of our followers have notified that our recent viral video of black-Chicago activists criticizing black-liberal leadership was not viewable on YouTube until they unlocked the safety settings in their account.

We recently enabled those security settings and found that YouTube is, in fact, censoring our video. Although there is no profanity, crude, violent, sexual or graphic content in the video, if your safety mode settings are enabled in YouTube, the image above is what you will see when you try to watch the video.

According to Google Support:

Safety mode is an opt-in setting available on the computer and mobile site that helps screen out potentially objectionable content that you may prefer not to see or don’t want others in your family to stumble across while enjoying YouTube. You can think of this as a parental control setting for YouTube. Safety mode is currently unavailable for the Android and iOS apps, however you can filter your search results using SafeSearch filtering.

How Safety mode works :

While it’s not 100 percent accurate, we use community flagging, age-restrictions, and other signals to identify and filter out inappropriate content.

Despite GoogleYouTube’s censoring of our video, it still received more than 900,000 views in the first week since publishing, and was apparently not too unsafe for the Federal Communications Commission, as it has been played in full on national radio shows and television including Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

In case you missed it, unlock your safety mode in your YouTube settings and try again:

5 Responses

  1. ann

    U tube – they are censoring you? That’s awful. It doesn’t surprise me. They are assholes at u tube and Google also.

  2. Joe Toy

    YouTube is now showing its true colors. I like getting Rebel Pundit in my inbox. Maybe because I’m a bit of a rebel myself. Just ask my wife. Keep up the good work, RP. From the first I let those in my address book know about you and urged to subscribe.

    • Scout

      Ditto RP. The sea is full of sharks out there and we wouldn’t be able to sort through it without organisations like yours.

  3. Conservative Guy

    I have always wondered if youtube buries videos that they view as not the same political side as they are. There was once a clip of Behar from the View that “joked” that Scott Brown looked like a pediphile. I was never able to find it again after the first week it aired. The View could have pulled it but I have seen it before with other clips.

  4. Tom Simpson

    I’m appalled that anyone but Wall Street would object to this video. These four have articulated a set of problems facing our city populations which need immediate attention. I’m from such a city. My former auto producing Pontiac, Michigan is a microcosm of what is happening throughout the great lakes states. It like Detroit has been turned into a junk heap by Wall Street’s free trade globaloney and floating exchange rate system. The results are mass unemployment, closed factories, shrinking tax base, unmanageable budgets, foreclosed homes, schools shuttered, services cut and receivership. The WTO/GATT/NAFTA suicide pact our government signed has killed the goose that laid the golden egg.
    What to do to stop the bleeding and start a recovery: (1) Restore FDR’s Glass Steagall bank separation. (2) Create National Banking. Capitalize the new bank by converting federal debt into public credit. Use this credit for recovery purposes only. (3) Create a public credit system. Return to the US Treasury the authority over monetary policies. (4) Launch a US economic recovery with new credit directed into economic infrastructure, water, power and transportation systems, food production, health care and education. These four laws can be found at for further investigation.


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