Google exec on Gorillas

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  1. Karel

    If I could only have found an aimge of Six-Gun Gorilla, who I learned about thogruh Jess Nevins. I quote his description: “the Six-Gun Gorilla appeared in Adventure and Wizard in 1926 (I think). I do not know who created him. O’Neil was an actual gorilla, who had been trapped as a baby, brought to the States, and sold to Johnson, a Colorado prospector. Johnson, a kind man, treated O’Neil very well. He also taught O’Neil how to dig, fetch firewood, haul up buckets of water, cook, clean, and (oh dear) load and fire a revolver. Naturally, when Johnson is murdered for what he knows about “the great motherlode,” O’Neil ooks revenge. He straps on a bandolier and two six-shooters and begins tracking the thieves across a hundred miles of Colorado mountains and badlands. He picks them off one by one, meanwhile discovering a talent for holding up stagecoaches and using them to chase fleeing gunmen.”


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