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One of the few Republican seats picked up in the last election, filled by Senator Schmidt, has now been shamed by her abusive behavior. The sheriff has been called to the Schmidt residence twice in the last year, first for Sen. Schmidt repeatedly ramming her Cadillac into her husband, Robert Schmidt, then at Christmas for hitting, biting, and scratching him. Neither of these events led to arrest or prosecution.

The freshman senator exhibits a gross abuse of power, telling the 911 operator to ignore calls from her husband, the victim of this most recent attack, and tells them that he is afraid because she “knows people.”

The corrupt IL machine tried to sweep this issue under the rug, not charging her with a crime, and stating that it was “apparently mutual combat.” I wonder if it was also “mutual combat” when she battered her husband repeatedly with her car last August?

It seems that an already-struggling IL GOP has some more work to do repairing its image; the time for backroom deals and telling cops to look the other way is over. Senator Schmidt, who had plenty of opportunity to help the GOP’s image, apparently has not caught the change in political winds or doesn’t believe she is subject to the law now that she is among the political elite.

Image from: The Daily Herald

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