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Today Fox News’s Megyn Kelly reported on presidential candidate Herman Cain’s support from the “Tea Party” dropping significantly from 32% to 19% since October 25, 2011.

Kelly cited a CBS poll that surveyed 382 “likely” GOP primary voters that shows those who self-identified as “tea partiers” were 30% less likely to support Cain. Drawing the conclusion that is because of the recent sexual-harassment allegations.

While the drop in support of Tea Party voters surveyed may be accurate, the reporting by the CBS poll itself and Megyn Kelly was not. Kelly fails to take into account how many of the 382 “likely GOP voters” were in fact “Tea Party voters.” Further, upon closer review of the CBS data, we found that they fail to disclose the sample size of Tea Party voters all together.

Despite this omission of data, Kelly still uses this poll to paint  a much larger picture of Herman Cain’s favor slipping among the entire Tea Party movement.

The CBS poll still has Cain on top of the field with Republican voters at 18% overall, and the surging Newt Gingrich now tied with Mitt Romney at 15%. Also left out of FNC’s report is Romney’s slide from 21% to 15%, which is almost identical to Cain’s decline in the same time period, despite the overwhelming coverage of the alleged “sex-scandal.”

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  1. Screwy Puppy

    Good Lord! Stop Romney! Support Cain!

    Elect a non-politician to office. Elect someone whom has been at the receiving end of government, like us!

    • Rick Santelli's Belly

      Yes! Herman Cain is by far the most qualified person to lead our government (which ain’t that hard)! Have you heard about his 9-9-9 plan?

  2. Mark Smith

    Dont blame Megyn. She just reads the copy written for her by others who are expressing the editorial position of the network. Megyn’s job is to look pretty, be pleasing, and read the teleprompter. What she reads is not her personal fault or error. Dont blame Megyn.


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