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President Obama’s old revolutionary pal, Bill Ayers, was front and center in the middle of a protest staged outside the Chicago Board of Trade/CME Group blocking entrances to the building and demanding a transaction tax on trades made through the exchange.

Ayers can be seen in this Fox Business live coverage emerging from the center of the of the crowd blocking the entrance. He remains center frame for almost a minute. He proceeds to stand right in front of Fox News’s Jeff Flock, as Flock gives oxygen to the protesters chanting.

Flock either does not recognize Ayers standing right in front of his face, or is not interested.

Take a look:

Flock also reported there have been 9 arrests at the protest.

Anyone who has ever covered a Chicago protest knows that the arrestables are pre-arranged and determined and coordinated with the Chicago Police prior to the protest. The police cuff them with wire tires, put them in the paddy wagon, and following the protest drive them around the corner and let them with a ticket or no charges at all.

I doubt Flock will be following the truck to see that happen.

Professional Chicago agitators with major support from have been crying for a transaction tax against CME traders for years, so why is this news now?


Fox News reporter Jeff Flock appears to be hugging and cheerfully embracing one of the CME protesters.

While it is possible the woman seen in the video is not a protester, she appears to be showing of a yellow protest t-shirt that matches others in the crowd.

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  1. Daniel

    Can you elaborate on “coordinated arrests”? I did not realize this was done.


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