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Statist Keynesians point out the economic benefits to society from hurricane Irene type disasters in the quote of Peter Morici thoughtfully reported by Anne Sorock .

“…When government authorities facilitate rebuilding quickly and effectively, the process of economic renewal can leave communities better off than before.”

Perhaps we should put aside our “ barbaric  terrorist  and SOB ” borne skepticisms and accept as givens common leftist truisms and follow them where they logically take us.

Lets accept the premise that natural disasters create economic growth and add two other leftist postulates:

Global Warming creates natural disasters

Increased atmospheric CO2 creates Global Warming

We logically get

 (Increased CO2)=(Global Warming)=(more natural disasters)=Economic Growth

Given our assumptions the path to economic growth should be obvious:



Subsidize coal-fueled plants

However, in drawing the conclusion we may be amiss in wrongfully assuming that Statists believe increased American economic growth is desirable given other leftist axioms:

– America’s growth has been  too high  relative the rest of the world

 America consumes too much of world’s resources

-The world has  too many people

Have a fulfilling and profitable day,

WC (Bill) Augustine

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