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On the final day of Occupy and Anarchist demonstrations against the Democratic National Convention, protesters marched to bring attention to the failure of the two-party system and the broken promises of President Obama. Despite the huge gap in principles between these demonstrators of the far left and those on the far right, many in the DNC protests echoed familiar grievances, from opposition to corporate bailouts and establishment political ruling class.

Some local kids–supporters of President Obama, no less–wandered from their apartment down to the protest, seemingly unaware that the president was against the protest as they joined in the chants for “people power.” When asked why they joined the protest, these Obama supporters replied, “we live right down the street, and there’s no better time than now…to make something happen…to actually see a change….” When asked what they and the protesters agreed on, the Obama supporters said, “I’m not quite sure yet, I’m learning as I go.”

Following the interview, the Obama supporters fled the protest. It seems one thing they may have learned, rather quickly, is that it’s probably best to avoid protests you know nothing about before getting too swept up in the excitement.

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