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Senator Dick Durbin announced on October 1, that the state will be receiving $19 million in federal funds for justice programs. BND. com reports programs receiving funds are targeted toward crime victims, reducing recidivism, and a school safety programs.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin says the Department of Justice has set aside $19 million for various justice-system programs in Illinois, including one providing assistance to crime victims and to reduce recidivism rates.

The Illinois Democrat announced the grants on Tuesday.

Among those who will get a cut of the federal grant money is the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority. It’ll get nearly $5 million to help victims of sexual assault throughout the state.

The city of Chicago and the University of Chicago Crime Lab will get just over $2 million to launch a new school safety program that’s designed to address gang-related violence at and around schools.

Less than 16% of the funds will be spent on increasing police presence in America’s “murder capitol,” Chicago. No funds were allocated to Governor Quinn’s Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, which is under investigation. Governor Quinn was subpeonaed in April 2014 by prosecutors asking for over 1000 documents. Since the program was started in 2010, there have been allegations of mismanagement of taxpayer funds and using money as a “political slush fund.”


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  1. Morris "Moe" Szyslak

    “… various justice-system programs in Illinois, including one … to reduce recidivism rates.” There’s a rich vein of Democrat bashing comedy there, but I’ll leave it to others today. I have a bar to run.


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