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Law Street Media recently released a report ranking America’s “Safest & Most Dangerous States 2015.” To create the report, they used FBI data on violent crime. According to NBC Chicago, the FBI wouldn’t use Chicago data because it was inaccurate.

Chicago’s violence may hover in the national spotlight, but the Windy City wasn’t listed in any ranking as the FBI said Chicago’s data was underreported and could not be compared to any other city. Officials also said Chicago’s data collection methodology for rape, which is included in violent crime, does not comply with national Uniform Crime Report guidelines.

The report named Rockford, Illinois as the second most dangerous city with a population between 100,000-200,000. The city’s murder rate doubled in the last year going from 9 murders to 19.

The most violent cities in Illinois based on per capita crime rates are:

1. Harvey
2. Rockford
3. Springfield
4. Carbondale
5. Champaign
6. Kankakee
7. Peoria
8. Granite City
9. Rock Island
10. Bloomington



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