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In a ridiculous case of government bureaucracy out of control, the USDA has fined a family over $90,000.00 for selling too many rabbits. The family has rightfully refused to pay the fine for violating this USDA regulation, which is not a law. BigGovernment has the story.

Paying a USDA fine of $90,463 by close of business Monday would have allowed John and Judy Dollarhite on Nixa, Mo., to put their “crime” of selling too many rabbits in a single calendar year in their proverbial “rear-view mirror.” Instead of paying an exorbitant fine for violating an obscure USDA regulation (not a law), the couple whose plight was highlighted on May 20 decided to fight back.

John Dollarhite told me by phone Tuesday morning that he had his attorney, Richard L. Anderson of Branson West, Mo., write a letter Thursday and deliver it overnite to Roxanne Folk, a senior USDA officials in Riverdale, Md. In the letter, Anderson conveyed in no uncertain terms that his client would not be paying the fine:

My client rejects that proposal. I note that a descriptive pamphlet enclosed with your letter states, under “Who We Are”, that IES investigates cases received by referral from APHIS’ program clients and cooperators, and that IES “now conducts more than 6,000 cases and collects approximately $ 2 million in civil penalties annually.” That averages a penalty of $ 333.33 per case, and yet you contend it would be appropriate my client tender a penalty of $ 90,643.00.

Near the end of the letter, he added the following:

I cannot imagine that the actions of Mr. Dollarhite would merit a fine or penalty that would be 272 times larger than what the “average” fine ($ 333) collected by the USDA, IES, APHIS would be, under the circumstances of this case, and would certainly hope that a reasonable hearing examiner would agree.

It appears a lot of Americans are siding with the Dollarhites in this fight.

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