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Last Wednesday we attended a teach-in led by radical revolutionary Bill Ayers at the #Obama-endorsed Occupy Chicago protest.

Ayers discussed many things in the one-hour session. In the following footage we released exclusively with the EAG Foundation, you will hear Ayers talk about meeting with the Vietnamese to discuss his plans for revolution in America, as well as laughing at the idea of protesting lawfully. You also may be surprised to hear Ayers criticize president Obama for acts of war.

Also notice, as Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit correctly points out, the camera man from WFLD Fox News Chicago at the beginning of the session shaking hands and laughing with Ayers. Maybe you should ask MyFoxChicago why this is the first we are seeing of this footage.

There is plenty more to come from this explosive session with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Stay tuned.

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10 Responses

  1. Merlin

    Don’t you freaks ever get enough? Bill Ayers is an American Patriot! You should be thanking him for what he is doing.

  2. Bustin Loose

    Merlin – Ayers is a terrorist and attempted to kill people in his own country. I call that traitor. You can swallow this Marxist/Alinsky bull, and fall for Obama’s bribes for votes masked as executive orders I DON’T. Stalin called people like you useful idiots. I don’t see any usefulness.

    ABO – Anybody But Obama in 2012

  3. Mark Adams

    Merlin, Ayers along with WUO called for movements throughout the US to ultimately achieve “the destruction of US imperialism and achieve a classless world: world communism”.
    That’s not a Patriot, that’s a radical socialist.

    • NukemHill

      Ayers and his cronies were prepared for (and planned on) the deaths of over 25 million people in the U.S. when the “revolution” started. There is absolutely nothing to admire about this cretin.

  4. russ in nc

    Merlin is using sarcasm. It’s not very effective sarcasm however since the responses are taking the post seriously.

    • Snarkqueen

      none of you are old enough to remember the 60s or 70s from the look of the avatars and certainly the comments reflect that ignorance. Comparing the Bill Ayers of the 60s to the Bill Ayers of today is pointedly stupid. Reason? 1.No human remains stagnant throughout their lives, everyone grows and changes….ageing has a way of doing that to you, gives you longer perspective. 2. this clip is so clearly edited to show portions to support a foregone conclusion. 3. Bill Ayers of the 60s fled the violence when it became apparent his associates were serious about committing. All of them either died or went to jail or became fugitives, unlike Mr. Ayers who went on to lead a peaceful successful life.

      As to the other asinine comments about Bobby Kennedy and socialism. Neither of those comments are even remotely based in fact, but then again this site is devoted to spreading lies for you to call facts. It allows all of you to continue to be led down the path to certain destruction as your monied masters make you into slaves.

      I met Jerry Rubin once many years ago when I worked for the former US Attorney who prosecuted him and the others in the Chicago Conspiracy 7 trial. That former US Attorney told me personally that he and Justice Julius Hoffman decided the fate of those young people on the golf course. He scoffed at the idea that there was anything remotely close to ‘justice’ in the judicial system of the day. He told me then that the powers in charge would always determine the fate of the people.

      I stand with the OWS!

  5. Dave

    In answer to the last question, Ayers says, in effect, “Do I think *you* ‘tards should resort to violence? If you did, the greatest military machine in the world would splatter your precious overeducated brains on the sidewalk without breaking a sweat. So, no.”

  6. Robert Neville

    These kids would do well to know a little about the clown they’re listening to.

    Ayres, the consummate vertically challenged revolutionary coward, basks in the self-aggrandizing mythology of the laughable effect of his own lilliputian bombings, while evading any responsibility for the death of his friends Terry Robbins and Diane Oughton.

    I wonder if he’d have to feel sorrow and remorse if realized his responsibility, faced the mistaken path of his youth, and dropped the too hip revolutionary persona, which at 67 yeas old is kind’a pathetic.

    It doesn’t take Freud to figure out that Bill’s problem is with his dad, a two minute perusal of Wikipedia is all you need.

    Bill Ayres narcissistic over educated sociopath, completely ineffective bomber and revolutionary.


    Chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison Thomas G. Ayers for whom the Thomas G. Ayers College of Commerce and Industry was named.

    You tell me.

    In the mean time if you are really inclined to think something should change Ayres isn’t the best man to emulate. You needn’t to go back to the greats like Washington, Adams, Jefferson, or Nathan Hale to see a moral and material contrast. Even among contemporary revolutionaries, Ayres is a buffoon.


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