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On Sunday November 14th, 2010, Jewish Voice for Peace a left wing activist group lead a protest in downtown Chicago against Israel and the United States. Some members of the organized protest did not even know how to explain the message of their signs, one of whom simply resorting to calling me a racist. Others accuse Israel of falsifying the video footage of weapons aboard the supposed humanitarian Gaza Flotila. One member of the group even voices a strong opposition to Israel’s right to exist and uses profane sexual slurs against Mrs. Netanyahu the wife of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM. After further investigation into the group’s activities, they are also organizing an event to support another activist group known as Anarchists Against the Wall, and Socialist activist Noam Chomsky is a member of the Jewish Voice for Peace’s Advisory Board.

14 Responses

    • Nancy

      This is really sad. These people are so brainwashed and full of anger. We are loosing America bit by bit. We have this new administration to thank.

  1. greg_o

    See? Some Jews ARE really stupid. Especially those that have been softened up by Amrika.

  2. Jimmy

    None of those “people” looked Jewish at all. Probably a bunch of homeless bums hired by the leftists.

  3. Tonette Weinzetl

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