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February 26th, Chicago. Citizen journalists were on the scene for at the Union Solidarity Protest.

In the video below, left wing radical Bob Oehmen who claims “I am the most Vicious Damn Liberal in the Land.” on his facebook page spews hateful violent rhetoric against the GOP and “Teabaggers”. PackerBackerBob as he likes to go by, gets so angry, he literally foams at the mouth during this hateful rant.

You can view more of Bob’s violent threats here on Huffington Post. There is more rage and threatening violence on his Twitter Stream as well.. As a regular attendee of the over 40 single and mingle scene in Chicago, you might want to tone down the rhetoric Bob, the chicks don’t dig it..

On the Daily Kos, he actually declares war on all Righties, Neo-cons, Tea-baggers and Libertarians.

26 Responses

  1. Rob Houck

    Talk about lack of civility! These union goons are not only displaying a lack of civility, but even to a greater degree, they are demonstrating a lack of intelligence and a basic aptitude to reason.

    I know that most rank and file union members view the union bosses and underlings as thugs and a needless embarrassment. Sure, they “bargain” for the “workers,” but in reality, in this day and age, most unions are outdated, unnecessary parasites. They make an above average living off the backs of the workers, while claiming to be their advocates. The higher the wages of the rank and file union workers, the higher the dues that are paid to the unions, which also means the unions have more money that goes to democrat politicians. This is corruption at its worst.

    If the employees who belong to a union were aware of what the union leadership represented, and who supports the union leadership, the unions would be fading away even faster.

    One important thing to consider: If a normal union member was protesting for a cause, and witnessed a lot of the people who were also protesting were displaying communist, socialist, and other Marxist propaganda… That would be enough to make most people reconsider their position.

    What American, no matter how angry and unstable they may appear, wants to be on the side of communists, socialists, and other Marxist/Leninist radicals?

  2. Judith

    What a tipical large mouth fool. One needent yell to get his point
    out their politically. He couldn’t come up with a million pannies.
    Someone should have gotten a contract with him.

  3. David

    Libertarians always seem to be wondering whether they belong on the left or right. I submit to them – the left loathes you. Welcome home.

    • timb

      You can have them. Their governing philosophy has as much to do with reality as the tax-cuts-cause-growth, every-time-we’re-in-power-we create-huge-deficits Republican base.

      Plus, they’re a bunch of privileged white folks and the right wing lives to service plutocrats, so y’all should be happy together when your policies are enacted and you’re drinking the dirty water, breathing the foul air, and watching the orphans beg on the streets. You can all be the servants at someone’s gated community! How fun

      • Mike Johnston

        Actually I live to serve my country. Just because I’m white and a republican doesn’t mean I don’t want what’s best for America. The difference is in the way I believe we should get there. Government is not the answer to everything, and the time has come to get serious about debt, energy, and all the other problems we face in our society.

      • SVT

        Mike – Don’t waste your time on Timmy. He’s fundamentally incoherent, immature and dishonest.

  4. walter hanson

    I’ll Bob’s address so I can send him a certified letter with the proof so I can get my million dollars. Does somebody know what it is?

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  5. lowdowndog

    Fess up. Isn’t your “citizen journalist” Adam Sharp on assignment from wanker Andrew Breitbart to incite the anger of guys like PackerBackerBob? So Adam, where’s the footage of you baiting Bob before his rant? The right-wing anti-protester machine taunts the group at the capitol as both stinky, spineless and laughable flower-power hippies—and, at the same time, “violent” union “goons” and “thugs”. It takes a special sort of ability to hold two completely divergent and equally slanderous characterizations of a single group without recognizing the logical impossibility. You’re peddling the same bs as fake pimp James O’Keefe did when he punked ACORN and manipulated his videos to falsely malign them.

    • AW1 Tim

      Dude…. seriously? You want to spout those old worn out lies again? Seriously?

      You know you’ve lost the argument when you have to resort to recycling old put-down myths and fake reports.

      When you decide to drink the leftist kool-aid, you should take sips, not big gulps.

      It’s easy to tell when a leftist begins to lose an argument. He starts to scream and swear and bring up straw-man arguments, ad hominum attacks, and then finally when he runs out of vitriol, he just goes postal.

  6. LibsAreCommies

    Is there really any remaining question as to which side spouts the hatred that has so divided our country?
    Libs need to be deported or sent to Gitmo.

  7. Hard Right

    Ummm on the down low dog, what explains his ranting and raving online? Who has provoked him there? Hmmm?
    Love how you try to justify hate by saying the victim asked for it. Bet you use that same logic for rape victims.

  8. Hard Right

    Timb, way to show what a hateful racist you are. Thanks for helping Republicans with your post.

  9. Chris Howells

    I have been waiting for the left to embrace violence. They largely are incapable of defending the positions they stand for. I mean that too, they are weak men and women who are(to use this cretins phrase) “p-ssies” (although I always prefer to think of the term as the plural for “pussycat” and not a reference to private parts.) I am almost at the age that I doubt I shall ever participate in a fist fight again but I have before many times. I tell you from 21 years experience as a bartender with all certainty: This man is NO fighter. If he wishes to fight with a conservative I honestly will volunteer for the job. I would relish the idea of twisting his joints and striking him repeatedly so long as the fight was consensual. I weigh about half of what he weighs but I am certain I could do the job. His “type” does not hunt, others must bring him his dinner. His “type does not farm, others must for him. His “type” does not defend themselves or their beliefs, they rely on others for that and despise them for it. He is not a man.

  10. UncleWobbly

    Unions are to cover employees who are to stupid or to lazy to do their jobs good workeres get by on merit and intelligence they
    don’t need a thug to covver their butts!

  11. RoseK

    I love how the left are the one’s calling for violence but lets be honest if it came down to a fight us on the right would pummel them. He knows that we are not the violent one’s that is why he can claim to call us out but if push came to shove he knows he would lose.

    I have yet to see an actual lefty who’s physical stature scares me!


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