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The 2012 Khilafah Islamic Conference got off to a rocky start. The conference was originally scheduled to be held at The Meadows Club in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, however after the Chicago Daily Herald reported the agenda and location of the event, all hell broke loose with the owner of the Meadows Club, who was inundated with countless calls and emails from the public opposed to this conference. Angry residents warned that there would be large protests if he allowed the conference to be held at that location.

The owner conceded and cancelled the event, which then moved to a new location, The Lexington House, Hickory Hills, IL.

According to the American Muslim Forum for Democracy, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, the group that hosts the meeting, is a radical origination that promotes world-wide jihad, and targets young children to join their movement. The following excerpt comes from AMFD’s 2009 call for Muslim organizations to denounce and condemn the Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

“Hizb ut-Tahrir is an Islamist network that is committed to creating an Islamic Caliphate that spans the globe. The organization is banned in Germany and Russia as well as several Arab countries and targets Muslim children between the ages of 9 and 18. Many compare their efforts to organizations like the Hitler Youth. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, is counted among their alumnus.

Dr. Mohammed Malkawi (aka. Abu Talha)

There were four speakers at the event, three of which that wanted to remain unidentified, with the center of attention focusing upon the key note speaker, Dr. Mohammed Malkawi aka Abu Talha, Hizb’s Deputy Spokesperson. The following are some of the claims made by the four speakers:

American Capitalism has caused all that is wrong with the Muslim world today.

The Capitalist System was created to restrict Muslims.

Jews and Christians will not be happy with Muslims until they adopt their way of life.

The fall of Communism and the decline of Capitalism sends a clear message that the rise of Islam is imminent.

Capitalism has failed due to its high suicide, high poverty, and many other adverse rates, while at the same time there were no statistics mentioned about  the same rates in Arab Nations.

Capitalism systematically creates poor people.

 The Democratic process in the US and around the world is a mirage.

Obama failed on two issues, Palestine and dealing with the entire Muslim world.

That they are a peaceful non-violent movement, however, while viewing the diagram on the overhead projector showing the structure of the Sharia governing cabinet, it listed a private secretary in charge of Jihad.

To my surprise, I found myself being the only American reporter at the conference along with two other foreign reporters. We were not allowed to use any video or audio equipment while the conference was being held. However, afterwards Dr. Mohammed Malkawi aka Abu Talha took questions from us and consented to audio recording of the interview.

Khilafah Conference 2012 Chicago Interview with Dr. Mohammed Malkawi:

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8 Responses

  1. Keep Honkin I'm Reloading

    Why do we continue to allow the enemy into our country?

  2. Red Dawn

    It’s known as “communism with a god” for good reason; might as well be a conference of the “International” marxists.

    The savages and barbarians war against civilization is perennial, folks.

  3. Always On Watch

    The following are some of the claims made by the four speakers:

    American Capitalism has caused all that is wrong with the Muslim world today.

    But never, ever can Islam be THE problem.

    I’m sick to death of Muslims’ eternal protests about how they are being victimized. Pfffft.

  4. Maajid

    America sending $1bn annual “military-aid” (read bribe) to the Egypt’s former-dictator Hosni Mubarak and similar dictators is a prime example of the main reason for the economic and technological backwardness of the Muslim lands despite enormous resources abundant in them. You boast about sending “aid”? We shun those bribes and consider those as the money you spend to kill our Muslim activists who stand against these tyrant secularist dictators.

    Nobody said “Capitalism was not ‘created’ to restrict Muslims”, rather it is your ideology which you want to spread by bullets and bombs across the globe and you blame ‘Jihad’ at every second of your life while your drones and soldiers are going around a global rampage of looting, killing, raping and murdering masses as a last desperate attempt to keep the Muslims away from re-establishing a counter ideology of Islamic system. Capitalism is bleeding to its death.

    It is the western scholars of capitalism who agree that capitalism systematically creates poverty, every financial and economic graph you got will prove it!

    Being non-violent does not mean that we will sit and let you come and rampage our lands. the Islamic state will have its own army and the army heads, it seems to childish when you go around the world burning villages and looting nations and try to pretend as if you are the saviors! Very soon you chickens will come to roost.

    • Blair

      Nice theory, but neglects the internal flaws of the cultural mindset promoted by Islam itself. I would make the same critique of any religion that attempted to assert itself (not just as a limited moral underpinning) as an enforced culture/religion/government.

      You might benefit from reading Bernard Lewis’ “What Went Wrong?: The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East”

  5. Muslim

    I agree with all their points. @ Always On Watch, how can Islam be the problem? Islam isn’t implemented any where in the world not even saudia arabia or iran…we can see clearly that capitalism and democracy is failing the world after all it was capitalistic system that started the economic crisis.

    lets look to africa the worlds most poorest continent under capitalism and dictatorship, when africa was under the rule of islam poverty didn’t even exist in that continent.

  6. Blair

    American Capitalism is a problem for Islam? Hasn’t Islam been having difficulties with other social systems than its own for centuries?

    An excellent read on this subject is by Bernard Lewis ($8 in paperback), “What Went Wrong?: The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East”

  7. ireAmerica

    In every major spiritual tradition but one, God offers a correct path to the free will of each person. The remaining one, only spiritual to the uninformed, is Islam. Islam was invented as a tool of empire, and enforces submission. The first member of Islam was inducted through spiritually corrupt marriage to a child-relative and participation in serial murder.

    Moslems have been teaching each other hatred of all Infidels since before they provoked the Crusades, and ever since – in addition to constant and often fatal abuse of their own women and children. And commonly employ devastating violence against true innocents around the world. This is not religion.

    Islam has sought global domination since long before America existed, killing thousands of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Bhuddists and others of various faiths. This radical theocratic despotism has been executed for centuries, in the name of “holy” empire.

    Repudiate the teachings of Islam, reject their incompatible “faith” and “culture”, rescue their women and children. Scrutinize this dangerous cult without compassion. Stay vigilant, informed and armed.

    Demand and enforce Constitutional government.


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