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April 9th, 2011

We received an email invitation to the “We Are One” labor union solidarity protest from Alex Armour, Political Director, for Illinois 9th District Congress Woman, Democrat Jan Schakowsky and decided to attend. Alex was on hand and “one” with the protesters, as you can see from our footage.

We have noticed an alarming message, prevalent at every single left wing protest we have attended this year in Chicago and the Midwest. While each protest has an official message of a seemingly less alarming cause, such as; Anti-War, Anti-Deportation or “We Are One” with “Union Solidarity”, there is also an extremely disturbing trend of blatant and obvious promotion of a revolutionary transformation of America into a new socialist or communist type of economic system.

While Tea Parties have received massive amounts of ridicule for being so called “Astro-Turf” (corporate funded) from the institutional left and mainstream media, left wing protesters claim the moral high ground of being a “true” grassroots movement. However once again, our footage reveals an extremely elaborate and costly production put on by these so called “true” grassroots activists. This particular protest had at least hundreds of protesters bussed in on at least 12 school busses we counted taking up two city blocks in downtown Chicago, and an audio/video system that could outdo many local rock concerts at Chicago’s infamous summer street fairs. It seems unlikely that there is no “Astro-Turf” funding for these nationwide protests that occurred this past Saturday.

What was even more disturbing to us, was the amount of young children brought to the protest with their parents, holding signs which prominently advocate for a new alternative economic system in America, and being taught what we believe is a very “un-American” message, by the reoccurring theme these Chicago protests contain. Communist protesters at this rally even claim they are very patriotic for their advocacy to end capitalism in America.


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    • Dissent is Patriotic

      The narrator of this video sounds like a Fifth Grader on his first civics assignment. When he asks “Being Communist is Patriotic?” you can just hear the cobwebs of Fox News disinfo and paranoia clearing away in his head. YES BEING COMMUNIST IS PATRIOTIC, though as the older gentleman rightly schools the clueless awed reporter you are talking about an ECONOMIC SYSTEM and the question of “Patriotism” is a Political one. For the “Rebel” reporter FYI — The Communist Party has always been alive and well in the USA, we have in fact one Socialist Senator sitting presently Bernie Sanders of Vermont. And to answer when has Communism worked, one could argue that under the leadership of great FDR the US instituted wonderful Socialist policies like Social Security (the “social” stands for Socialism), and later in the 60s under Democrats Medicare.

      Also the little 5th Grader video journalist needs to learn that in America under the 1st Amendment Americans, including himself, have right to Free Speech and Assembly. So when he asks at the end if a US COngresswoman from Chicago “knows” the (golly!) there are Communists on the streets of Chicago – NO SHE DOESN’T KNOW, WHO CARE IF SHE KNOWS? They have a right to be there and to protest freely along with Union Workers and whomever else. A protest welcomes all including all the “scary” zoom-ins of NAACP, Teamsters, SEIU, etc…. go back to fifth grade with your scary little video…

      • mot

        Right Komrad…here is a sample of your great FDR.

        FDR defined Freedom of Speech as Stalin did, i.e. he used the Marxist formulation ‘Freedom of Information’.
        FDR pressed a bill to eliminate the right to bear arms, the guarantee of all others.
        FDR told Churchill that “:an unwritten Constitution is better than a written one.” When reminded there was the Constitution, FDR said after his 1936 inauguration “Yes, but it’s the Constitution as I understand it – flexible enough (to do what he wanted).” He admiringly told Churchill that Stalin didn’t have to worry about Congresses and Parliments, “he’s the whole works.” In a letter to a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, FDR wrote- ” I hope your committee will not permit doubt as to Constitutionality, however reasonable, to block the suggested legislation.” FDR did not believe in Constitutional checks and balances – he tried to destroy and was prepared to defy the Supreme Court and Congress. He did not believe in advise and consent or the rule of law – he waged war and made treaties without Congressional approval. He did not believe in representative democracy and often said that since Congress did not reflect the will of the people they should be ignored.
        Probably the best exposition of FDR’s procedures regarding the rule of law vs the rule of men was said by his top deputy, KGB agent Harry Hopkins, to his aides – “I want to assure you that we are not afraid of exploring anything within the law, and we have here a lawyer who will declare anything you want to do legal.”
        FDR defined democracy just as Joseph Stalin did – as the mere act of voting. (Of course he believed it was good to lie to the people to influence their votes. He also engaged in vote fraud – he won the 1928 NY Governor’s race solely with massive vote fraud in Buffalo.) In a famous speech FDR said “The truth of the matter was that the public neither knew or understood what was involved…In other words, public opinion would be easy to manipulate.” So much for the public will.

      • Lu Dumak

        Typical Commie answer, Communsium works it just hasn’t been tried the right way yet.The true answer is, Socialisum, Communisum, Facisum and all isms lead to death, stravation and slavery by Government. Read J.R. Dunnes “Death by Liberalisam. The scarist thing to me is the utter stupidity of the American people.

    • disturbing?

      I don’t find anything “Disturbing” about this video? Is the reporter so shocked that there is a Statue of Liberty on a Communist Banner? Sorry did he read somewhere that only Right Wing Tea Baggers are entitled to display the Statue of Liberty? The Statue of Liberty asks for America to give her it’s Poor, Sick, Weak…. Sounds kinda Communist to me… Also the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France, which is a Socialist Country. Do you have a point Rebel without a Clue?

      • Dave


        I am getting old so whatever happens in this country will probably happen after I am gone. It would be fun to come back and see how your communist utopia actually worked out. To bad the world does not have any examples of large communist regimes that we could look at to see if it really works.

        BTW, the only teabaggers I have ever seen were a couple of filthy looking hippies that were arrested in a park for indecent exposure. Guess they should have been in Chicago.

        Good luck with your new world!

  1. the wolf

    Ever notice that those agitating for communism never actually had to live under the horror of communism?

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  3. patriots heart

    Communists are communists period. Get it? The communist murdered and imprisoned people during WWII. REMEMBER?

    To the lady in the video:
    If you think your neighbors not having heat is bad, just allow the communist in to control this country. YOU will not have heat food or water.
    More importantly you will not have FREEDOM! How often do you think you would be allowed to exercise your right to free speech in a communist run America? DUH?

  4. sony vita

    sony ps vita…

    […]DISTURBING: Radicals Take to the Streets at Chicago’s “We Are One” Labor Union Protest | rebelpundit[…]…

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