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From Accuracy In Media.


An employee of Moscow-funded Russia Today and a camera crew from the channel were part of an effort last Saturday that closed down the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. in the name of free speech. One can guess at the reaction by Moscow authorities if employees of the Voice of America had disrupted access to Lenin’s Tomb in Red Square.


The incident demonstrates that the Cold War is back, and that Vladimir Putin’s Russia has become increasingly aggressive in using a state-funded TV channel as a weapon of the information war. What is unique is Russia Today television’s brazen use of a disgruntled U.S. Marine veteran, Adam Kokesh, as a front man in this assault on America’s history and founding fathers. Caught on camera, Kokesh candidly admitted that he indeed is a Russian agent of influence and a member of the Moscow-funded “resistance” to the U.S. Government on American soil. A camera crew from Russia Today or “RT,” as it now likes to call itself, was there to record his anticipated confrontation with the police.

Full Article and video here: Russian Television Host Closes Down Jefferson Memorial.

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  1. Josh

    I just threw up a little in my mouth. Not because of Adam K’s actions or alleged ties, but more so from reading through your site and your claims to be a defender of the constitution. I think you need to re-evaluate yourself and your positions because they don’t exactly fit together like you advertise.

    PS your comments don’t show correctly in firefox when there are more than 3.


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