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Once again demonstrating the remarkable education our college students are receiving–and, even more alarming, the growing anti-Semitism ok’d and seemingly endorsed by academia–since last year, a group of DePaul University students have been waging a boycott of Sabra hummus. The hummus, served in DePaul university cafeterias, has been targeted by the group “Students for Justice in Palestine,” who staged a battle on campus culminating in a referendum vote, which failed to pass a minimum-vote threshold for action.

As student Or Gera writes in his university paper, he had never expected to find such a culture of anti-Semitism in Chicago:

Unfortunately, my experience at DePaul has not been as welcoming. Last winter, a chain of events occurred on campus that made me feel unwanted as an Israeli and a Jew. Anti-Israel activism on campus, especially from the Students for Justice in Palestine’s (SJP) campaign against Sabra hummus, was extensive and difficult to bear. An American brand of hummus, co-owned by an Israeli company and Pepsi Co., was used as an excuse to lob wild and divisive accusations.

My country and I were being blamed for Palestinian deaths, for “intentionally targeting civilians” and for the supposed occupation of territory. I was blamed simply because I opposed the boycott of Sabra. If this “hummus tastes like apartheid,” why would anyone be in favor of keeping it on campus? The actual situation in Israel is much more complicated. The lack of understanding led to students attacking me personally on the matter without the correct facts.

Why were we talking about hummus but not addressing Hamas – an internationally recognized terrorist group in control of the Gaza Strip that openly calls for a campaign to annihilate the Jewish people from Israel and from the Earth?

What Gera experienced is a growingly pervasive anti-Semitism cloaked as a pro-Palestine agenda. The breeding ground for this anti-Jewish hate is college campuses, and now, the Occupy Protests.

Watch the brainwashed students document their anti-Semitism for posterity:

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4 Responses

  1. Joel V.

    Zionism is a racist ideology that seeks to cleanse historic Palestine of all Arabs, and opposition to it stands in the great tradition of resistance to oppression. Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism.

  2. Jesse

    Anti-Zionism is racism, and anti-Semitism. Anti-Zionists are sickening racist anti-Semites.

  3. Rick

    There is no ‘historic’ Palestine. If so, go live in Egypt or Syria, historic ‘palestine’ countries. Will they allow palestine across their border?

  4. Sadie

    Joel V. instead of posting your utter ignorance. Read a book and come back and explain what happened to the Jewish communities of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc. In the meantime, you don’t know shit from shinola.


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