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On expanding a statist voting bloc—the immigration bill

Many liberty-inclined people fear implementation of a new immigration bill as they believe it will increase a voting bloc that tends to vote for more government. Regardless how one stands on the creation of a path to citizenship for those already here, are we blind to an overlooked consequence of the bill?

Yes, in 2012 71% of Hispanics voted Democrat, while in 2010 60% supported Democrat Congressional candidates. Under the current immigration bill it will be up to ten years before those here illegally can obtain citizenship and vote. How they will vote after ten years of Americanization is speculative, although they probably will lean to the left regardless of any position the GOP takes.

Hardly noticed in the immigration debate is the expansion of another bloc that traditionally votes to the left of Hispanics. Ironically the growth of this segment is demanded as a condition of any support for immigration reform from most on the right. Republicans espouse the expansion of this bloc as many did the creation and expansion of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The DHS conceived by President Bush now has over 230,000 employees. Its dedication to the security of the country from terrorist threats enables it to monitor tea party demonstrations at IRS offices, but overlook two warnings from Russian officials about the Boston bombing perpetrators. A web of governmental domestic phone and internet eavesdropping renders the fourth amendment a vanquished hope in our forefather’s recipe for liberty.

The TSA, another Republican created bureaucracy, has 47,000 screeners employed.
This is the agency whose agents in official white and blue uniforms with badges harass grandmother at the airport, but in politically correct style do not over-scrutinize young mid-eastern looking men. They have enough agents standing around that their mere presence hampers access to flights, and they seek to expand their purview to interstate highways. Of course terrorists on highways are a continuing problem.

In addition to this list of Republican created and supported expansions of government even most opponents of the immigration bill support a vast expansion of border security agents. The present bill would bring the number of border control agents up to 38,400, which would be nearly 20 agents per mile on the1,954 mile US/Mexican border, or an agent per every 264 feet, less than a football field length. To be superfluous at that distance agents with bows and arrows could guard the border, no need for sniper rifles.

However the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the extra agents will only slow border crossings from a third to a half of the present level. And we all know government’s propensity for ignoring the “law of diminishing returns”.

To the list of FBI, ATF, NSA, CIA, TSA, FDA, DHS, EPA and SEC agents(who despite the rhetoric failed to arrest anyone responsible for contributing to the financial meltdown, including former Senator Corzine through whose fingers over a billion dollars slipped) just a few more federal agents will solve our problems we are told. Perhaps if we hired a hundred times as many border control agents so they could disperse 2.64 feet from each other, less than a yard apart on the border, literally shoulder to shoulder, we could solve the problem by erecting a human fence. What is amazing is that no one is raising objections.

Why should we hesitate adding a few border agents? Why would we have thought to fear adding a few guards at airports because their mission was limited and specific? As was the mission of DHS limited to stopping foreign terrorists but now includes harassing peaceful domestic political groups. Is it preposterous to suspect mission creep may extend the purview of border security agents?
Again we have a rush of conservatives willing and anxious to expand the federal government despite a history of freedom usurpation being the a result of such well-intended solutions. Other results will be more people dependant upon taxpayers and the growth of a reliant, pro-government block of voters, the public employee unions.

Too often although Democrats are the public proponents of an expanded government, it is Republicans who enable the growth.

WARNING: Your reading this article may be (NO) is being monitored).

Have a fulfilling and profitable day,

W C (Bill) Augustine,

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