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At the very first 8th Congressional District candidate forum on Wednesday night at Grayslake Central High School in Grayslake, IL, during the event introduction, and rules overview of the event a constituent stood up to ask if we were going to be able to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and the event moderator from the league of women voters said no, it was not part of the program. The audience grunted in displeasure, and after a weak attempt at an explanation proceeded to stand up and spontaneously recite the Pledge.

Immediately following the constituents act of patriotism, the event moderator reprimanded them and informed them of her hopes that she would not be disrespected again during the forum. This followed with more rumbling in the audience.. I found the moderator outside of the auditorium following the forum for some questions..

3 Responses

  1. Keith Lichtenauer

    This moderator needs to realize that the residents of the 8th District are not her students. Its arrogant and disrespectful to us to talk down to us as such.

  2. DeputyHeadmistress

    You know what really bothered me here is that Advanced Placement government teacher somehow thinks that citizen journalism, saying the Pledge, or asking your betters in what way saying the Pledge disrespected the moderator is setting a bad example for students. It was a fabulous example for students.

    Another point is that when the debate moderator attempts to explain why that was disrespectful to her- did you see what she did? She placed herself in the role of the adult and she placed you and the rest of the audience in the role of children in her classroom. You children did not have her permission to say the Pledge, and you impudent brats said it anyway.

  3. Shelly

    @ DeputyHeadmistriss-I noticed that the debate moderater placed the audience in the role of her students as well. You are so right about the AP Government teacher too. The problem is, our schools aren’t teaching our kids that they have a right to question the government…in fact, they must question the government. It WAS a fabulous example for the children.


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