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Former Death Row Boss Suge Knight was shot 6 times on Sunday. What is known is that he was at a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown. The party took place at 1OAK nightclub in Los Angeles. At approximately 1:30am, bullets began flying in the VIP. Suge was hit multiple times, sustaining wounds to the arm and the stomach. He walked out of the club on his own two feet. He was transported to Cedars Sinai hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. He is expected to live.

What is not known at this time is who shot him, or why.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Biddle said Monday that investigators believe as many as 20 people witnessed the gunfire early Sunday at 1OAK on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. But Biddle says no potential witnesses have come forward.

Given Knight’s past gang affiliations, it’s not surprising that people don’t want to get involved officially. However, that has not stopped a host of conspiracy theories from being floated.

Tupac Revenge Shooting

You can’t have a rap conspiracy theory without Tupac making an appearance, so we might as well start there. The story goes like this. Apparently, Suge Knight was writing a screenplay about Tupac that “was planning to reveal new information about his days as a key figure in the infamous East Coast/West Coast rapper feud.”

The screenplay was said to contain “lots of shocking details – about Tupac and exposing the truth.” According to Keith Middlebrook, just prior to the shooting: 

“Two gang members showed up and accused Suge of killing Tupac and called him a traitor. I think they were two guys from Compton. They yelled at Suge, ‘You killed Tupac!’”

The problem with this theory is that everyone knows that Tupac is alive and living in Cuba. It should also be mentioned that Middlebrook is a producer of the film that Suge Knight is working on, and would stand to benefit from the publicity that this shooting might bring to the project. Regardless, can we please stop shooting people over Pac?

Chris Brown Assassination Attempt

Another popular theory is that Knight was not the target at all. Many people believe that the shooting was an assassination attempt to take out Chris Brown.

“Chris used to run with a bunch of gang bangers who were really scary. When he got out [of rehab], he cut them all off. I guess they’re UPSET about that.” The inside snitch tells us that Chris was being THREATENED by his ex-homies . . . and they have been trying to EXTORT MONEY out of him for weeks.

In a recent interview, comedian Katt Williams, who says he was at the club when the shooting took place, seems to substantiate the claims that it was Brown, not Knight, who was the target. He even implies that Knight saved Brown’s life by taking the bullets  for him. But this is in direct contradiction to what sheriff’s investigators believe after reviewing the video footage.

Legacy of Violence

This isn’t the first time Suge Knight has been shot. His violent past is well documented, including numerous arrests and stints in jail. In 2002, he was shot in the leg at a VMA event hosted by Kanye West. Probably his most famous injury was getting hit by debris while driving the car when Tupac was killed in Las Vegas. Wherever he goes, violence seems to follow. Even now, his hospital room is under armed guard.

But, Knight is expected to recover. And when he does, reports indicate that he plans to reboot Death Row. Without Pac, Snoop and Dre, it’s hard to imagine what that would look like. But if you know rap history, you know that getting shot is one of the best ways to jump start your career. If you survive.


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