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A man at the center of a nasty divorce and two criminal cases may be forced to jail in part because he agreed to a RebelPundit expose.

Ted Taupier, a father of two from Middletown, Connecticut was at the center of November 2014 RebelPundit expose which argued that his 1st, 2nd, 8th, and 14th amendment rights were violated when he was arrested on two different occasions on dubious charges.

The 2nd charge, an arrest on August 29, 2014, occurred after an email he sent to seven people was leaked to his divorce judge, Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, who provided it to local police, who proceeded to bring in more than 70 Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team members to execute his arrest.

He was given a $75,000 cash bond following that arrest and put on house arrest, and was not allowed to leave his home. Following our November expose, Taupier was then featured in a Human Events story, two Blog Talk Radio shows, and a You Tube video on the website Corrupt Connecticut.

But the prosecutor in his case, Brenda Hans, will argue on January 15, 2015, that Taupier’s cooperation with the media amounts to a violation of his bond, which stipulated he not harass his ex-wife Tanya Taupier.

“He’s had multiple interviews about this case on radio and on the internet.” Brenda Hans said in the court filing. “These interviews contain derogatory statements designed to harass and annoy Mrs. Taupier.”

Hans declined to comment to RebelPundit, claiming office policy forbids comments about ongoing prosecutions though federal prosecutors and many local prosecutors routinely send out press releases to announce arrests even though that too would be making statements before a case was complete.

Emails to the Connecticut governor’s office and to Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice were left unreturned. The Connecticut Attorney General’s office said that office only handles civil matters in that state and said it would be inappropriate to comment.

Hans is also suggesting that when a citizen journalist with the website Pro Se America, Janice Wolk Grenadier contacted Aetna, Tanya Taupier’s employer, about an alleged affair Ms. Taupier had with another manager, that this too amounted to harassment of Tanya Taupier.

“On January 6, 2015, Pro Se America sent an email to Ms. Taupier’s employer, Aetna.” Hans said in her filing and then described the content of the email which she argued maligned Ms. Taupier. “Ms. Grenadier, who lives in Virginia, admits she received this information from Ted Taupier.”

Grenadier, who says her words were twisted by Hans told RebelPundit, she too is a victim of family court corruption. In December, 2o14, she was jailed for twenty-two days, fourteen of which were in solitary confinement, and went on a self-imposed twenty-two day hunger strike because of an alleged unpaid bill of about $8,000.

“She (Hans) made it seem like I reached out to Aetna at Ted’s (Taupier) behest,” Grenadier said. “But I told her that Ted was not harassing his ex-wife.”

The media department at Aetna didn’t return an email for comment.

Hans will also argue that a post on Taupier’s personal Facebook page where he lists his ex-wife’s work email address also amounts to harassment.

Hans will bring this motion at a hearing, which was ostensibly scheduled to hear a motion from Taupier’s lawyer, to dismiss the case.

RebelPundit has learned that the bond conditions Hans is referring to are for another criminal charge still pending against Taupier.

In that case, Taupier was arrested in 2012 after prosecutors were alerted to a video tape he made of him massaging his then wife when he considered becoming a professional masseuse. That case, nearly three years old, where he’s charged with voyeurism has not been adjudicated and is even still without a set trial date.

The prosecutor and trial judge are the same for both cases.

Since the upcoming hearing is supposed to deal with the intimidation charge, proper procedure should be that Hans would call for a separate hearing to ask for an increase to bond in that case.

Even as Hans is attempting to increase Taupier’s cash bond from $75,000 to $150,000, RebelPundit has also learned that Hans may have had inappropriate contact with the trial judge, Judge David Gold.

Hans sent an email to Judge Gold on January 9, 2015, asking Judge Gold for the proper procedure to introduce into evidence a set of antique guns which Taupier owns legally. When Taupier’s attorney, Rachel Baird, found out about this email she immediately complained.

“I am not aware of any practice which allows the prosecuting authority in a criminal matter to discuss evidentiary trial matters with a Superior Court Judge by email.” Baird said in an email later that day.

Hans’ request is also concerning because Taupier’s gun collection is legal, was never used in any crime, and has no bearing on a case which revolves around a sent email.

The retaliation aganst Taupier for his exercise of free speech appears to be part of a growing trend in family courts around the country.

In November 2014, Anne Stevenson of ComdigNews featured a story about the retaliation by Connecticut family court judges against parents who spoke against abuse in that state.

Dan Brewington was recently featured in a Business Insider article and he spent two and a half years in jail after a blog he started was judged to be threatening to his family court judge.

Chris Mackney, who committed suicide on December 29, 2013 after an especially nasty divorce, spent ten days in jail after he defied a gag order and added details about the alleged involvement of his ex-father-in-law, Pete Scamardo, in the murder of Sam Degelia Jr. according to the Wikipedia page of Charles Harrelson.

Lou Pellietier, the father of Justina Pelletier, could have faced jail time after he defied a gag order to appear on the Blaze and Fox News.

After Anthony Pappas, an economics professor at St. Johns University appeared on the FIT-TV Program which appears on a Cablevision in Long Island, New York to talk about the details of his divorce, the Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Anthony Falanga, who was presiding over his divorce, threatened Pappas with jail time if he continued to speak to the media.

“I am admonishing you right now; you are not to communicate with anybody inside the court system, outside the court system, about how you feel you were being treated or anything like that.” Judge Falanga threatened Pappas at a subsequent court appearance. “If you feel I am violating your right to free speech, you have the absolute right to feel that way and do whatever you feel is appropriate. If I decide to hold you in contempt, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Ted Taupier’s hearing will be held January 15, 2015 and RebelPundit will update as details become available.


According to a court observer there was a lot of fireworks in Judge Gold’s courtroom but it amounted to nothing. Judge Gold refused to hear any motions and instead spent a half hour pontificating on the email which Brenda Hans wrote to him which he read into the judicial record likely adding more embarrassment to the prosecutor on the case. Gold’s main concern, according to the court observer, was whether or not the defense would ask him to recuse himself as a result of receiving the record and the defense attorney, Rachel Baird, said a decision had not yet been made.

Judge Gold spent another half hour explaining that he received this email from Pro Se America’s Janice Wolk Grenadier and repeatedly asserted he didn’t read it fearing that reading it would be prejudicial. He offered a copy of the email to both the defense and prosecutor for examination in case either side wanted to make a motion in the future. He refused to hear any motions and Ted Taupier’s bond conditions remain the same and he remains free.


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  1. Luke

    She EMAILED THE JUDGE to ask how to get evidence before him?!?! How was she not fired? That really implicates the judge in this mess.

    If this were a righteous prosecution, wouldn’t the state be adhering to the due process? With this much chicanery, it really makes the guy look even more innocent. No one with a brain could come to the conclusion that the state has a valid case here, or even that this prosecutor should still be practicing law.

  2. Terance Healy

    I didnt see what he wrote in the email… But once a litigant has been the victim of an injustice, pr judicial miscopnduct, Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of information kicks in and undermines the litigants constitutional rights and denies any protection of the law.

    If the following sentence describes the situation, it is definitely a Rule 1.6 thing.

    “I am a sane man dealing with an absolutely insane situation. Every person in a position to help has acted improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law preventing the resolution of any matter… they each make the situation worse… NO ONE HELPED…”

    Your state attorney general should be aware of the Constitutional Challenge to Rule 1.6 – they defaulted in 2013, but the ruling has been prevented.

  3. hector

    Rule 1.6 only applies between a lawyer and their own client, not prosecutor and judge.

    Her email amounted to prejudicial ex-parte communication which is a no-no.

  4. D Chester

    So no one wants to talk about the one person that started this – TANYA ANNE TAUPIER a,k.a TANYA ANNE PACKARD, who is a RACIST and created her own story that she was a victim of voyeurism.

    – tanya anne taupier a.k.a tanya anne packard sleeps with anything that moves. she went to the police with her own pictures of her OWNSELF and showed her OWN photos of her naked self and were never posted by her then-husband ted taupier.

    – TANYA Anne Taupier PACKARD insists on being called “TAN-ee-ya” and not “TAWN-ee-ya” because she is a RACIST – Tanya Packard SAID that she does NOT want to be called TAWNya because that name pronunciation is associated with being a black woman

    Who does that??


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