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In our continuing coverage of Occupy the Dream, held Sunday January, 15 at the Peoples[sic] Church of Chicago, congresswoman Jan Schakowsky took to the pulpit.

Schakowsky was greeted by her Occupy Chicago “brothers and sisters” with a warm welcome. After committing (on the pulpit) to continue pushing her jobs legislation and promoting a speculative financial transaction tax, she went on to explain how she has “….gotten out of an abusive relationship, by removing her money from Bank of America….” She continued by touting, her new spending legislation will “….put Americans back to work….,” and called on the millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share.

What didn’t occur to me during my post event interview with Jan, which will soon be released was, why or how was Bank of America abusing her? Overdraft fees maybe? Surely she wouldn’t be writing bad checks, like her husband Bob Creamer who went to federal prison in the past for tax evasion and bank fraud, would she?

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More footage from Sunday’s Occupy the Dream church rally, still to come….

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