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Mayor Rahm Emanuel has presented the first “Chicago Champion of Freedom” award to Timuel Black, a civil rights champion and World War II veteran. Black also happens to be a noted labor organizer and member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) whose radical past was influenced at a young age by members of the Communist Party USA.

Coverage of the award by ABC 7 Chicago not only heaped praise upon the radical recipient, but also failed to provide any background information to its audience about his activities that, in fact, undermine freedom.

This past Tuesday, Mayor Emanuel’s office sent out the following press release announcing the selection of Black as the winner:

Mayor Emanuel is proud to name Timuel D. Black, Jr. as the inaugural recipient of the City of Chicago Champion of Freedom Award. As an educator, political activist, community leader and oral historian, Black is widely recognized as one of the most influential civil rights leaders in Chicago history.

The Mayor’s office, or ABC 7 Chicago, ought to have performed a simple Google search of Black’s name; had they done so, they would have discovered the award recipient’s radical history of community organizing–one that crosses paths with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, Congressman Danny K. Davis, Socialist/Communist activist Leon Despres, Communist Party activist John Lumpkin, Former Mayor Harold Washington, convicted felon Tony Rezko, and President Barack Obama.

At the 1989 Democratic Socialists of America Eugene Debs Dinner, Black presented an award to ex-communist DSA member Milt Cohen, where the featured speaker was another former communist DSA member, Quentin Young. Black and Young also sat on the discussion panel with then-State Senator Barack Obama at the play, “The Love Song of Saul Alinsky,” information that Breitbart News broke in March 2012.

Black holds the same extremely negative view of America that so many others intertwined with President Obama’s past share, criticizing the United States as a “racist” and hypocritical country.

When commenting on Obama’s first election, Timuel Black prefaced his remarks by referring to the “deep racism” in America, which he went on to refer to as hypocritical:

Obama is the test of how deep racism is in this country… Barack is the recipient of the struggle of other generations… That means that you feel proud of your ancestors, your successes… (Obama), based on the opportunities that were opened to him by others, is in the position to prove to the world whether the United States of America is a true democracy, or is a continuing hypocrisy.

Nevertheless, the city of Chicago has chosen Black as the inaugural recipient of their “Champion of Freedom” award.

Had you learned of Black’s selection by watching ABC 7 Chicago’s coverage, you might think, “the award couldn’t go to a better guy.” In his report on that station, Ron Magers not only completely fails to mention any controversial notes regarding Black’s radical past, but also inserts his own glowing approval.

See ABC 7 Chicago’s coverage here.

ABC 7 Chicago has not responded to questions regarding their omission of the facts about Black and underreporting regarding the character of Chicago’s first “Champion of Freedom.”

Was it impossible for Mayor Emanuel’s office to find a “champion of freedom” without such deep roots in Marxist philosophy, who is not a member of the Democratic Socialists of America–someone quite possibly more worthy of its first ever Champion of Freedom Award?

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5 Responses

  1. George Kocan

    I greatly appreciate reading this information. The Democrat Party and its fascist/socialist/communist buddies in Chicago have a lot for which to answer.

  2. Teri OBrien

    I’m sure that you realize that while we correctly view socialism as a scourge
    on humanity, for the Left, membership in these radical leftwing organizations is a resumè enhancement. Their PR flaks aka the “mainstream” media shield their low-information viewers from the ugly truth about the desired agenda of these people; specifically, that a communist is just a socialist who really means it, as in, if you don’t want to go along with the program you end up put against a wall where you are shot. Yes, in that case, the Left can overlook their objection to firearms.
    This sort of pinko is EXACTlY who Rahm Emanuel believes deserves this “freedom fighter” award. They only desire that the truth about the recipient and the awarder be concealed from the public.

  3. George Kocan

    As that famous Russian community organizer Vlad Lenin put it, “The goal of socialism is communism.” (For those of you educamacated in public schools, Lenin was a communist/terrorist who led the communist revolution in Russia at the same time that the Democrat Woodrow Wilson served as the President of the U.S.)

  4. Bob Graham

    Perhaps the city recognizes what you seem to assume are godless atheistic communistic community organizers who hate their country because they are the ones who actually have a heart for people, who see that just like every nation in the history of the world that no nation, no matter how good, still has flaws, and have devoted their lives to making the world a better place. For that they are spat upon and derided. So was Jesus, the original community organizer. It would do you no harm to read Acts 2-5, the chapters that describe the financial structuring of the earliest Christian churches. Then write me back and tell me how those chapters describe a society that is any different from what your hated “community organizers” promote. I don’t understand why anyone who points out the flaws in any system must be perceived as hating that system. It’s just not that black and white. Why can’t I love my country as the best political, economic and social system for mankind, but also point out its errors? If I had a best friend who only told me how great I was, that would not be a real friend.

    • George Kocan

      Today we read in the Dem press that Dems in Chicago want Rahm Emanuel to resign. See how all this fits together? Rahm is their guy. Dems elected him. He worked for Fearless Leader Obama as his chief of staff. Yet, they now want him to resign. This shows the absolute perversity of Dem ideology, Dems who claim that they will fix everthing if only Republicans get out of the way. They run everthing in Chicago and all they have to show for it is a mayor they hate and a skyrocketing murder rate of blacks killing blacks. Yes, it is Rahm’s fault. They voted for him and would vote for him again if he ran against a conservative or even a Republican.


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