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Chris Christie has been named as a defendant in two cases that are part of series of lawsuits across the country where serious concerns about violations of citizens’  rights in family courts are under scrutiny.


An upcoming civil RICO lawsuit to be filed on behalf of the watchdog group Family Court Accountability Coalition (FCAC) will allege that a feeder system created by the Sacramento County Bar Association Family Law Division, in conjunction with several powerful judges, creates a racket which chooses favored divorce lawyers and makes sure those lawyers get favorable rulings in Sacramento County family court rooms.

In 1991, Judges Vance Raye and Peter McBrien, formed the Family Law Executive Committee (FLEC) to help deal with family law cases in Sacramento County family courts. This FLEC would be a group of lawyers, according to the upcoming suit, chosen by the Sacramento County Bar Association’s family law division which would act as judge pro temp on certain family law cases and in exchange, the suit will allege, the lawyers chosen for this task would be given favorable rulings, deserved or not, when they appeared in divorce court in their regular roles.

One of the most high profile case examples of this scheme which will be featured in the suit is that of Ulf Carlsson who appeared in front of Judge McBrien and whose story received significant media attention culminating with a lengthy feature in the documentary Divorce Corp.

Carlsson told RebelPundit his judge was McBrien and that not only did he lose every single motion and hearing in his divorce but the judge awarded his ex-wife all their marital assets.

About five years ago, an appeals court reversed the decision but only because during one hearing the judge simply left the court room while Carlsson’s side was presenting their case, a blatant violation of due process.

Carlsson said while everyone told him the decisions themselves were egregious, the appellate court didn’t have the power to overturn them and only overturned his case on due process violations.

Carlsson said he was forced to move back to Sweden, where he was born, after thirty years in the USA and receiving multiple “credible threats” on his life.

Carlsson said he’s developed PTSD as a result of the corrupt court process.

RebelPundit attempted to reach the Sacramento Bar Association, Judge McBrien, and the California Appellate Court, where Judge Raye is currently a judge, but received no responses for comment.


In New Jersey two concurrent RICO lawsuits will allege systemic bias against women in two counties of that state and Governor Chris Christie will be a named defendant in both cases.

First, in Bergen County a lawsuit led by Karin Wolf, including more than forty women, will allege that courts ignore abuse on a widespread basis–be it sexual, physical, verbal, or emotional–and instead label women making these allegations as parental alienators or as having a variety of mental illnesses or defects.

Wolf told RebelPundit that the purpose of these false diagnoses is to goad protective mothers like herself to fight false allegations in court, creating a perpetual legal process and a plethora of legal fees.

Wolf’s lawsuit will allege that Christie has culpability because he appointed a number of the judges implicated and because he’s been made aware of the widespread abuse but failed to act.

Kevin Roberts, Governor Christie’s Press Secretary, directed all calls to the state’s Attorney General’s (AG) office, which declined comment.

In nearby Monmouth County, another lawsuit, led by Rachel Alintoff will include seven women in total–five of whom spoke with RebelPundit. Alintoff was featured in a 2012 New York Post article in which nine women made allegations of gender bias against Monmouth County Family Court Judge, Paul Escandon. Judge Escandon will be a named defendant in the upcoming lawsuit and his office declined to comment when reached by phone.

In each case the women described a phenomenon psychologists refer to as Gaslighting, based on a 1944 film which won an Academy Award for Ingrid Bergman.

Gaslighting is “a form of mental abuse where information is twisted/spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception and sanity.”

Karen Welch told RebelPundit that starting in 1997 and continuing until 2010, she was stalked by an individual associated with her ex-husband. The court, rather than accepting her allegations, said she was making it up because of a mental illness.

In 2010, her alleged stalker, Joe Pate, committed suicide after the FBI filed for an arrest warrant against him. Her story led to New Jersey anti-stalking legislation and was featured on an Investigation Discovery documentary.

In Alintoff’s case, she was diagnosed by the court-appointed psychologist, Dr. Patricia Baszczuk, with “cyclical outbursts” disorder, a disorder which appears to have been coined by Basczcuk and has never been used widely. This so-called diagnosis was used to take custody Alintoff’s son away from her.

Alintoff said that Dr. Baszczuk will be a named defendant and she didn’t respond to an email for comment. Alintoff said she had a one-on-one meeting with Governor Christie about a year ago–about her case–in which Christie promised to examine her case personally; Christie’s Press Secretary Roberts didn’t respond for comment on this meeting.

Wolf and Alintoff told RebelPundit they have also both spoken with the FBI.

All of the women interviewed for both New Jersey lawsuits said they believe they suffered from PTSD as a result of their experience.

Susan Skipp, whose story was featured in a previous RebelPundit expose, is the only litigant not to file a RICO suit. She told RebelPundit that based on her research of precedent she didn’t believe it was feasible to prove RICO, and instead filed a civil suit, which alleges civil rights and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) violations and is seeking $300 million in damages.

Skipp, who has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which she developed as a result of the stress of the legal process, said rather than having those ailments be accepted and receive accommodations, the judge in her case, Lynda Munro, and the Guardian ad Litem, Mary Brigham, accused her in open court of having an unspecified and untreated mental illness.

“The defendant testified that she looked forward to this counseling. If the court takes her at her word then she cannot help herself in her conduct and this is an unaddressed mental health concern,” Judge Munro said of Skipp during one court hearing.

Rather than allowing her to continue treatment with her own therapist, Skipp said that Judge Munro told her that if she saw a psychologist of Munro’s choosing–at a cost of about $3,000 monthly–she’d be allowed to see her children for a few hours a month.

“This is a common scam,” Skipp told RebelPundit, “Order litigant to buddy, buddy gets 175 a week or more- can’t claim on insurance because no diagnosis.” Skipp said, “(It) goes on for years because it’s an order, and also violates ADA law because a person has a right to have a trusting relationship with her therapist.”

Skipp hasn’t seen her children since the end of 2012.

Judge Munro, who retired from the bench in 2014, didn’t respond to an email at her current employer, the Pullman and Comley Law Firm. Ms. Brigham also didn’t respond to an email for comment.


The allegations made by Alintoff and Wolf are similar to an expose in 2012 by Keith Harmon Snow, that included Susan Skipp’s case in which he alleged that Connecticut family courts painted mothers as crazy in an attempt to feed children into a pedophile ring; Snow believes his expose also uncovered a criminal enterprise:

The family court system in Connecticut, as around the country, involves multiple corrupt organizations where profit motives and personal connections dictate how and why decisions are made, and these are decisions that have altered and ruined the lives of many families, esp. many children in custody cases. A racket is ‘a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not actually exist, that will not be put into effect, or that would not otherwise exist if the racket were not to exist’ and this is exactly the case with court-related organizations such as Department of Children and Families; National Council of Children’s Rights; the court-sanctioned institution of Guardian Ad Litem and all its related training offices.

While the cases mentioned all involve civil suits, they match up to a Scranton-Wilkes Barre Independent investigation from 2014 dubbed “Custody for Cash,” which led to several court officers facing criminal charges for bribery and other crimes.

The Family Civil Liberties Union also recently had the Federal Trade Commission open a case into family court for racketeering and fraud.

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  1. marlene

    A friend of mine in Pennsylvania, an unemployed single mother of three young children, is being treated the same way by the courts in every county in Philadelphia – including gaslighting, being forced to pay for her own court ordered counseling on multi occasions, being denied a legitimate in forma pauperis, being subjected to weekly court appearances on fraudulent papers filed against her and suffering from an interminable continuation of the same issues over and over for 7 years. The judges, lawyers and even the attorneys general are all in bed with each other and continue to perpetuate their unlawful persecution of this poor mother with no remedy in sight. It’s a travesty all right and something needs to be done about – NOW.

    • John

      My 3yr old son was left orphan of a father because I run out of money in the corrupt labyrinth called NJ Family Court System. The Micklin Law Group and Judge Daniel D’Alessandro are now elevated to “child abuser” status.

      Read my story here:

  2. Sun Kelley

    Thank you for publishing this piece! So many children are suffering unspeakable pain from being sold in family court to their abusers. Thank you so much for telling our stories.

  3. Halverson

    I went thru the NY City system. My husband claimed I was crazy. Gas light master as he went for full custody of our child. I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and within weeks he began harassing me to sign away our child and apartment in an insane settlement agreement. He suggested in writing, that I leave our home and child in exchange for 20 thousand dollars.

    When I did not agree to this idea, he stayed in our home harassing me. This all while I cared for our child and tried to figure out what to do about my breast cancer. He finally left our home on my birthday 6 months after my mammogram because I battled with him every day and told him I was not going to leave.

    I was able to find enough peace after he left to undergo a complete removal of both my breasts as the doctors recommended four months earlier.
    It did not end there.

    My husband was so angry he then wanted full custody. I spent 250 thousand dollars over the next five years defending his accusations against me in court, wasting money and time at every turn because he was hell bent on getting his way.

    He purposely caused so much stress and cost to wear me down. 5 Years later, I have been bankrupted and now have stage 4 cancer.

    The court had NO interest in allowing moneys from our marrage to aid in my defense (due to my health and our child I was not employed). Nor did the judge allow my attorney latitude in truly pursuing my side of the story.

    Instead, I was told I needed to get a job and support my self and and my child and pay the attorneys fees and the medical bills and the rent all in NYC. I was not allowed by the court to leave NYC as custody was not decided and was presumed to become joint.

    Instead of staying in a hopless situation where I was told beforehand by my attorney and other divorced women what the judge would do, I released my attorney and wrote a motion for myself.
    I GOT a job defending my child, myself and my motherhood. After that I was assigned by the court 25 hours of legal aid. My new attorney was a woman and really went to bat for me.

    My child was given a legal guardian and the custody issues were iorned out with me agreeing to a fifty fifty schedule. I NEVER threatened to take our child away I just could not afford to stay in NY. Child support had been ordered according to what He claimed he made. No discovery was ever ordered. He makes 4 times what he admitted to making. It was placed all in his mothers name.

    The court said they would get to the financial issues. We spent another year looking at papers but no forensic accounting was ordered. Nothing was ever pursued regarding his hiding income in his mothers name nor did they allow marital assets to be used for our mutual defense, only his.

    I left custody proceedings exhausted, broke, emotionally shattered and without major body parts or hair,
    and one year later I was about to start trial on financials with nothing having been allowed tk make mh case. Then a change of circumstance came in form of the new diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer.

    Only then did I have the leverage to get a settlement of liveable (not the 17%required by law) child support. I also received a lump sum to address some of the debt I had accrued. The amount I owed and still owe, was seven times greater than the amount I received. I paid each of my family members some of the money I owed and I am personally broke.
    During gthis I was constantly called crazy by the opposition. I was humiliated socially. He attempted to shame me personally. He called me every name in the book and he had me arrested in a desperate move towards the end of our custody case.

    I was acquitted with out a record. 5 thousand dollars more was spent for a criminal court process needed to clear myself of this new assault of my character. I was forced to spend on another attorney to assure the marital court that they should not take issue and bias my custody standing.

    Could I have gone after the courts in NYC? I don’t believe it was warranted as this does not involve politically appointed Judges or a collusion of the parties. BUT with a system like this how could you not loose custody if the Judges serve a higher master and the lawyers wink and nod while the professional sources are earning extra money on the side?

    I tell my story to outline how biased the system is against the less monied partner. (Usually the woman), and how easy it would be fro things to go from terrible to RICO status on a hot Jew Jersey minute.

    The ruin of my health and financial situation at the same time is my “bad luck”. But if the system was more balanced I am sure my finances would be better and with out the agrigious stress perpetrated maybe my health.

    I mean really, If it was 323 years ago he could have just called me a witch and the town could nance around a bit while I was put thru things that could cause death.
    Wait! isn’t that what did happen?


    • Amy Wilensky

      I’m in NYC dealing with this now–would you mind sharing the names of parties involved as am finding links between many of the corrupt figures involved?

    • Dawn

      Welcome to the family court. The tragedy with all these stories is that
      a person will make a perfectly good case against a family court and the child litigation industry, like in this case, then ruin the whole argument by blaming their spouse, who is typically also extremely harmed by child custody litigation, and all its immoral and criminal facets.

  4. Nick Walsh

    When is this fat fuck going to suck the diabetes dick and die? His arteries have to be backed up worse than DC traffic during an election.

  5. Andrew Karres

    Great article! As of today date’s I’m still a victim of the Sacramento Family Court System of Judicial Corrupt Officers. The article on Carlsson is on point however the crimes continues. I do want to mention that the one instrumental lawyer who continues to orchestrate the lies to the court in my case and others is Charlotte Keeley. These lawyers need to be disbarred and also face criminal charges. These type of lawyers like Ms. Keeley are “pay for play” using “Rambo Tactics” to destroy the other party at no expense, a “hired gun.” I know, attorney Charlotte Keeley destroyed Ulf Carlsson’s life as she did mine and others.

    • Roberto Illa, M.D.

      Dear Andrew: This is happening all over, and worse. When I was in medical practice in San Mateo County in the 1980’s, a patient of mine was accused of by his “ex-wife” in court of molesting their son. This guy was an upstanding citizen. He was so enraged by the constant false allegations the he lost his temper in court and lost custody. His wife and her evil boyfriend later burned their toddler alive.

  6. Kelly

    This happens to men all of the time in NJ!!!! The judges and lawyers have quite a racket going on. Typically the highest earning spouse gets the yucky end of the stick. Nothing is settled in family court untill the lawyers have obtained all of the money they can grab. There is no due process, there are no Constitutional rights, you are not innocent until proven guilty, you are punished without proof or conviction, the opposing party can lie without fear ! There are no punishments for false accusations or perjury. The family courts of NJ are a corrupt mess! You can lose your kids, your finances, and your freedom on the whim of a judge. No one even pretends to follow the ability to pay rules when incarcerating someone for unpaid support!!!! I wish the people who filed this suit would have encompassed all who are being treated unjustly in the family courts because the corruption is not only towards women!

  7. Jamie Smith

    this guy is one of the fattest.. slimiest bags of shit around… may your heart attack and stroke combo come fast and soon, and kill you slow… and god bless you! 🙂

  8. Lisa Brown

    Men have been treated like this for decades. Unfortunately, it has to happen to women, in order for something to get done about it.

  9. Joanne

    Judge Escandon is a liar! I not only agree with everything being claimed by this news article but witnessed it , first hand, when I was before him in a civil case last year! He ignored the facts and the law to help a fellow Township Manager escape punishment for his knowingly, breaking the law. He manipulates facts/people and disregards for the law without fear of reprisal.

  10. Chris

    Escandon and now Sheedy need to be removed from the bench, and never permitted to be on another in any other county. Sheedy is a bi polar witch, laughs at her own stupidity while trying to stereotype others and really has no clue about the law in NJ.

  11. Cathy Cohen

    Many thanks to Mike Volpe and Rebel Pundit for publishing this story. This is a complex subject that the mainstream media seems unwilling or unable to take the time to understand. Volpe really does get it: Family court corruption is a national epidemic. This is fact, not hyperbole. The first breakthrough on this subject was the 2014 documentary film Divorce Corp, and we need more courageous investigative reporters to move the issue forward. As Divorce Corp made clear, Ground Zero of family court corruption is Sacramento County, California. A small group of victims and citizen reporters have set up a non-profit journalism organization, Sacramento Family Court News. Anyone interested in learning more should pay a visit to the site. And, hopefully, Mike Volpe and Rebel Pundit will give us many follow-up reports.

  12. Lulu

    A third one will come as soon as I am done. The claims are kidnapping, endangerment, abuse and neglect of a minor, false accusations, fraud upon the court and corruption.

  13. Dadzrites

    Fathers are also suing the family courts in NJ for denials of Due Process and Equal Protection in child custody battles, child support/alimony enforcement cases, and the false use of domestic violence laws against them.

  14. Mom in CT

    Superior Court Judge Gerard Adelman jails mother of missing son

    By Barry Goldstein
    Follow Barry on Facebook

    Storm S. Sorrentino, a 14-year-old missing boy is the subject of a nationwide search. Kathryn Sorrentino, the boy’s mother was ordered jailed Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015, until she tells authorities where the boy is. Photo from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children website. Click to read more of this story on
    logo Hand
    One of the reasons domestic violence experts understand domestic violence issues better than other professionals is that we look for patterns that make it easier to recognize abuse. Courts have a particularly poor record in responding to domestic violence cases because they tend to look at each case and each issue separately and thus deprive themselves of the ability to consider patterns or context. The legal doctrine of stare decisis benefits courts by avoiding relitigating issues over and over, but it can also prevent judges from using new information to recognize earlier decisions were wrong.
    logo Hand
    Judge Gerard L Adelman
    In Connecticut, Katheryn Sorrentino was jailed for contempt after telling Judge Gerard Adelman she does not know where her son is. The boy was living with his father who was given custody by Judge Adelman and disappeared a month ago. Judge Adelman permitted the father to speculate that the mother must know where their son is or who is with him. Although details are sketchy, it appears the judge took the mother’s lack of concern about her son’s disappearance as proof she must know where he is.

    Courts should err on the side of safety for children and I can understand a judge placing his first priority on finding the child safe and sound. I do not have any personal knowledge of the case and the initial reports are sketchy, but the patterns in other cases raise concerns that the court’s approach may be flawed and biased.

    1. Is this an abuse case? Clearly this is a contested custody case. Court professionals are routinely taught to treat contested custody as “high conflict” cases by which they mean the parents are angry at each other and act out in ways that hurt the child. In reality, a large majority, probably 90% are domestic violence cases. Often the mistaken assumption is self-fulfilling and leads courts to blame mothers trying to protect children from abusers. This assumption would also encourage the judge to believe the mother is behind the child’s disappearance. This and other common flawed practices results in 58,000 children every year being sent for custody or unprotected visitation with dangerous abusers. If Judge Adelman made this mistake, it would provide an alternate explanation of why the child ran away. In one well known California case, the judge repeatedly returned a boy to a father he accused of sexually abusing him. At a similar age, Damon ran away and managed to hide out until the custody order was nullified after Damon got married in another state. Significantly, Damon did not communicate with his mother because he was afraid the judge would try to punish her. Other children have similarly run away but also stayed away from their mothers for fear of the court response.

    2. Is this a “harmful outcome” case? In 2012, the U. S. Department of Justice released a groundbreaking research study by Dr. Daniel Saunders concerning the knowledge and training of evaluators and other court professionals regarding domestic violence. “Harmful outcome” cases involve extreme decisions in which the alleged abuser wins custody and the safe protective mother who is the primary attachment figure is limited to supervised or no visitation. The article indicated the mother had not seen the child for three months which might support this possibility. “Harmful outcome” cases are always wrong because the harm of separating a child from their primary attachment figure, a harm that includes increased risk of depression, low self-esteem and suicide when older is greater than whatever benefit the court thought it was creating. Dr. Saunders found that “harmful outcome cases are usually associated with very flawed practices. I have heard that Judge Adelman has created other “harmful outcome” cases which would suggest not only inadequate training, but reliance on unqualified or biased court professionals. It would be interesting to learn if he is aware of the research that these cases are always wrong and whether he would correct the mistake if he learned of this research.

    3. Is Judge Adelman engaging in confirmation bias and does he have a conflict of interest? If we assume that the child was not taken by some outside individual and did not run away based on some normal teenage conflict, the two most likely explanations is that the mother was involved as the judge believes or the child ran away because of the father’s mistreatment. Judge Adelman has a personal and professional interest to blame the mother and unconsciously could favor this interpretation because it supports his previous findings. In my experience children running away because of abuse in a situation like this is very common. It would mean that the court made bad decisions that placed the child in jeopardy. A fair judge should be able to reconsider past decisions based on new information. If the mother believes that her son was in more danger living with the father that would explain why she was not upset that he left. Children in this situation often do not contact their mothers for fear of retaliation by the court as may have happened in this case. Judge Adelman, may have fairly considered this significant possibility, but there is nothing in the articles that suggest he did.

    The Center for Missing and Exploited Children has included the boy on their web site. While they do important work, many domestic violence and child abuse organizations are concerned that they often fail to consider the child may be trying to escape from an abuser. Too often the organization has been used to help abusers. I wish they would develop practices for a meaningful screening so that children seeking to escape abuse can be protected.

    At this point, most of the answers are unavailable. As more information is provided, we may get answers to the questions. It is possible that the judge is right and the mother is involved in the boy’s disappearance. But it would be better practice and safer for the boy if some of these questions could be explored rather than just assuming the mother is hiding him.

  15. concrndfather

    Note these actions are primarily geared for RICO offenses against DADS.
    However, with more women in workplace, moms are increasingly attacked by
    #PAS parents and their lawyers.
    Connect on social media to forward RICO lawsuits.

    And BE VOCAL in your state legislatures – in session RIGHT NOW – to make laws
    for #EqualParenting and to RETAIN liberties/justice stolen by state legislatures
    every.single.year. You MUST show up to make certain hearing rooms aren’t empty.
    YOU could be the only email/voice that prevents a given bill from hurting parenthood.

  16. Chuck

    Until we, both men and women, begin to work together to clean up the Family Laws and their application in our country, we will continue to have our rights stripped away and our families destroyed. Laws are made by our legislators many times following the recommendations of the Family Section of the State Bar. If your legislators aren’t contacted and informed about the abuses of Family Court, they will continue making the same decisions. The only weapon we have is the “vote.” Legislators want and need your votes. In 2015 this is not a male/female issue as much as it was in 1950. Women and Men must work together, bringing the absolutely crazy Family Court Decisions to the attention of your legislators, both State Representatives and Senators. There are tons of examples where the courts abused women and tons of examples where the courts abused men. Let’s unite and make our laws more equitable for everybody. It’s a failed marriage…not a murder! Come to an equitable agreement and move on with your lives. Dragging cases through courts year after year only works to fill the attorney bank accounts. It does NOTHING to help the family.

  17. Liora Farkovitz

    There is far more to the Susan Skipp story than is revealed in these few paragraphs. It is complicated, grotesque and perverse; and these elements have only continued to become exacerbated since 2011. However, what is most shocking is how unremarkable her case is. Others have suffered even more.

    I have increasingly been aware of hundreds of hours of my work being paraded around in the form of federal evidence against disability violations, whilst my invoices for that work are sitting on my desk buried under years of accumulated dust.

    While it does not take away from the veracity of what happened, it does beg the question, “Just what the hell was that all about?”

  18. Malinda Sherwyn

    Judge Peter McBrien presided over a case in which a mother Maria Fey (a deputy district attorney) pleaded for supervised visits for her ex husband who broke court orders. He would pick up their little daughter Layla, and not return her when visitation was over. He was acting out in threatening ways and the mother was deeply concerned for the safety of her daughter and filed many pleas to the court to err on the side of caution to protect little Layla. McBrien ignored this mother’s grave warnings. McBrien would NOT enforce his own orders…. allowing the father to murder Maria’s beautiful 2 year old daughter. Each Superior Court Judge who ignores evidence of harm to children and violations of court orders, that lead to the severe neglect, battery, rape or death of a child has blood on his hands and should be held accountable for his/her wrong doing. When a concerned parent attempts to place evidence on the record that could serve to protect a child from harm and a judge refuses to accept that evidence… that judge should bear responsibility for the pain, suffering and loss they cause with their horrendous orders from the bench. McBrien is at the top of the list of American judges who screw up like this with complete immunity! As the body count of young children rises in this country as a result of rulings by Superior Court Judges…how many child deaths will the regular Joe tax payers, footing the bill for this nonsense…tolerate? As always Michael Velope thank you for your great work and shining the light!


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