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The four Chicago activists (Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward) who appeared in our viral video “Chicago Activists Unchained…,” went on The Blaze TV’s, “Dana,” yesterday to discuss the message in the video and what is going on in Chicago, that you won’t hear about in the “mainstream media.”

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  1. Kid

    BTW, your blogroll is full of bigots. These people use the N- word liberally. I usually don’t vote for people that HATE ME!

    • Tim

      I’m so sorry that the word “nut” offends you. So far it’s the only time I’ve seen ANY particular word that starts with N, and it’s usually used to describe liberals

  2. Ken Yarnes

    Love what you’re doing and effort to get the dirty secrets of the Leftist/Marxist mindset and policies in cities like Chicago.


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